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New YouTube Channel!

Hi, everyone! Since I began making my videos on the Korean language, I’ve been posting them on my main YouTube channel, English in Korean. To make it easier for everyone to find the videos they’re looking for, I decided to make a new channel just for the Korean-learning videos. Here’s the link!

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Korean Hat Slang!

KChamp Podcast 12: Korean Hat Slang!   If you’re living in Korea, you’ve probably noticed the hats with clever bits of Korean written on them that started showing up in the major party districts about two years ago.  Since it’s never a good idea to wear a hat emblazoned with a phrase you can’t understand, … Continue reading »

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I’m an Extrovert!

KChamp Podcast 11: ‘I’m an Extrovert!’ in Korean When describing oneself in English, the traditional fallback terms are “extrovert” and “introvert” or their cousins, “sociable” and “antisocial.” Today we are going to take a look at how you can express those ideas in Korean. 1. Extrovert: 외향적인 사람 Extroverted: 외향적 예문 A: 새 직원을 뽑는다고 … Continue reading »

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Saying Your Age

I know I’ve already been over this a few times, but I just want to reiterate that this site will eventually be focused on intermediate to advanced Korean language learning. For the time being, however, I don’t have enough of a visitor base to narrow the content to a certain niche. If there are any … Continue reading »

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You’re pretty good at Korean for a ______ (치고는)

Podcast 5: You’re pretty ~ for a ~ (~치고는) (Medium) For a ~ (~치고는) If your looking to lay a compliment on your counterpart but are one of those people who thinks that outright praise must always be garnished with a dash of condescension, this is the perfect phrase for you! 외국인치고는 한국어 잘하네요. He’s … Continue reading »

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해도 돼요? (Is it OK with you if I ~ ?)

Podcast 4: Is it OK with you if I ~ ? (Easy) Today’s lesson is a basic phrase that is useful in a lot of situations. I suppose the most literal translation of the phrase “해도 돼요?” would be “Is it all right if I ____  ?”.   It’s the perfect form to use when … Continue reading »

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Korean Champ Podcast now on iTunes!

I finally got around to submitting our Korean Champ podcast to iTunes.  Now iTunes users can access the broadcast from any iOS device without visiting the site directly.  Downloading the podcast to your iPhone has the added feature of providing the written materials on screen.  When you’re listening to the show, just tap the screen … Continue reading »

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Ten Easy Korean Phrases

Podcast 3: Ten Easy Phrases (Easy) It turns out that more than 80 percent of the people who visit this site are still in the very elementary levels of Korean, so I will continue to offer lessons for beginners from time to time.  I am really not a big fan of Romanizing the Korean alphabet, … Continue reading »

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~는 것 같아요 (It seems like ____ )

Podcast 2: It Seems Like (Easy) For today’s lesson, we are going to be taking a look at a pattern in Korean that is probably most analogous to “it seems like ____ .”  If the verb tense is accordingly conjugated, the form can be used in the past, present and future tense, making it especially … Continue reading »

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