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New YouTube Channel!

Hi, everyone! Since I began making my videos on the Korean language, I’ve been posting them on my main YouTube channel, English in Korean. To make it easier for everyone to find the videos they’re looking for, I decided to make a new channel just for the Korean-learning videos. Here’s the link!

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Korean Vacation Part 2: Gangnam!

여행: vacation 대충대충: halfheartedly 강: river 남(쪽): south 하천, 도랑: stream, creek 북쪽: north 동쪽: east 서쪽: west 군중: a crowd 붐벼요: It’s crowded. 빵: bread 빵집: bakery 학원: a private institute 교통 신호: a traffic signal 축구: soccer (football) 응원해요: I’m cheering (for my team) 친구: friend 친구랑 산책해요: I’m taking a walk with … Continue reading »

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Easy Korean Phrases for the Restaurant

The last few posts have been fairly difficult, so I decided to draw up something easier for our beginning visitors. If you memorize the following easy phrases, you’ll be equipped to deal with the basics at any restaurant in Korea. As far as the romanization goes, I’m not using any particular system, just the spellings … Continue reading »

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Korean for a Pick-up Artist

This is the script I wrote up for Street Korean a few weeks ago. 작업 걸다: to hit on A: 어제 공원에 혼자 앉아서 책 보고 있는데 어떤 여자가 옆에 앉아도 되냐고 하더라. B: 정말? 여자가 먼저 작업 거는 건 드문 일인데. 번호 따다: to get someone’s number A: 왜 그렇게 기분이 좋아 보여? B: … Continue reading »

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More Explosive Korean Slang!

In the last round of Explosive Korean Slang, we took a look at some phrases that started with the double consonant, ㅃ . Today we continue on with the series, only this time we’ll be studying idioms and colloquial expressions that start with ㄸ . When pronouncing these letters, the important thing to remember is … Continue reading »

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Simple Prepositions and Position Words

Podcast 7: Simple Position Words in Korean This is going to be another basic-level post, so sorry in advance to all you Korean champs out there. Today we are going to take a look at how to express concepts like “above,” “below,” “next to,” “in front of” etc. in Korean.  Make sure you check out … Continue reading »

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