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Basic Korean: Talking about the Olympics in Pyeongchang! (Bonus: How to pronounce Pyeongchang!)

This lecture covers basic Korean phrases related to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Get in touch if you have any specific questions that were not addressed in the video.

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New YouTube Channel!

Hi, everyone! Since I began making my videos on the Korean language, I’ve been posting them on my main YouTube channel, English in Korean. To make it easier for everyone to find the videos they’re looking for, I decided to make a new channel just for the Korean-learning videos. Here’s the link!

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10 Very Easy Korean Verbs

This set of Korean verbs is for the very elementary learners out there. If you’re taking basic Korean, this could serve as a useful review. If you’re teaching yourself online, these are probably some of the most widely used, most important verbs in Korean. If you’re encountering these words for the first time, you’ll probably … Continue reading »

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The Korean Alphabet

Yeah, I know, this site is supposed to be for advanced learners, but I’ve found that a lot of visitors are still in the beginning stages of their Korean-language odyssey. I can’t just leave this sizable group high and dry, so I’ll do a few posts on elementary Korean from time to time. This post … Continue reading »

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