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Korean Study Group

I’m going to be starting a Korean study session in Shinchon (Seoul, South Korea). We’ll meet once or twice a week and use the middle school Korean literature textbook that all schools in Korea use.

The class will be free but there may be a small fee for use of a classroom. We could just meet at Starbucks but the coffee shops in Shinchon have a tendency to be extremely crowded.

This is an advanced class. If you are below level 4, I think you may have a very difficult time following along.

Please leave a comment below if you are interested.



To all beginners: I will post easier lessons and put them in the Level 1 category. Also, if you like on Facebook, you can contact me directly or leave questions there too. I’m going to post some basic Korean lessons over there as well.

Read this, please!
I can only teach you personally if you live in South Korea, but I am aware that many of you live in the Philippines and other nations in Southeast Asia. You can use this space to get in touch with each other and make your own study groups in your home countries. Leave your email or Facebook information in the body of the message and also let people know what city you live in. Then if someone else who lives in the same area wants to study, you can get in touch and make arrangements on your own.

561 Responses to Korean Study Group

  1. Le

    I am Le from Viet Nam. Now I am living in Seoul.
    I hope to join group and practice Korean.

  2. Hope

    Hello am from Nigeria i want to learn how to speak Korea and write hangul also please help me

  3. dawn

    If you’re looking to learn Korean, I can teach! Email me at

  4. Telebrands Pakistan

    Hi! I’m John, I want to learn Chinese.

  5. Viols

    I want to learn Korean
    I live now in Korea
    I want help from friends
    Thank you

  6. Uva tae-kook

    HI I want to learn Korean Anyone Please help me

  7. bella

    i have learnt how to write the characters, the vowels, diphthongs, cosonants bt i cant explain most words. i cant read a sentence written in korea. pls help

  8. bella

    my name is Bella. I’ve been meanin to learn korea. Its my dream country. I hope to get a koearn friend to help me.

  9. Lucie

    Good day. I’m an ESL teacher for seven years now from Philippines and I am looking for private students. You can send a message on my e-mail address: for the details. Thank you.

  10. kay

    영어를 공부하고 싶은 35살 입니다. 🙂
    여기저기 찾아보던중 코리안 캠프를 찾아서 도움도 드리고 저도 영어공부도 하고
    일석 이조라 생각되어 댓글 남깁니다. 한국인도 참여할수 있나요?

    I really want to study english. i am 35 years old in korea age.
    I am looking for some where for study english finally find out KoreanChamp.
    Can i join with you? If i with your group then i can help study korean and really hard study english 🙂

  11. shaf

    can i learn korean wth u? this is my line id, aliseblackwings and this is my whatsapp +60128649976

  12. 이하영

    이디엄 중에서 모르는게 2문장 있는데 어디다 올릴수 있나요?
    지난번에 여기다 글 올린거 같은데 어디에 있는지 찾을 수가 없어서요.

  13. Jimmy

    I am from America recently living in Saudi Arabia I have many Korean friend but I want to learn Korean language any one have time for me so that i learn this language and start conversation with them thanks.

  14. muonwe blessing

    My name is Blessing from Nigeria am 21, am good in English and am currently learning Korean language online @90daykorean. please I need someone, that I Can chat with in Korean and if you want I can teach you English also.
    My email is Thanks

  15. Maria Rosa

    im maria from indonesia.
    I want to learn Thailand language, please teach me to learn it.
    Thank you…

  16. Dewathi

    Hello! Iam Dewathi.Iam Sri Lankan girl.

  17. Andy

    Hi, have a look at

    CaptionClass shows you dual Korean/English subtitles at the same time while watching kids’ videos on Naver. (Youtube videos are on the way)

  18. Jhessamie

    Hai.. can anyone teach me korean language?? And i also want to make friends fron other country… anyway im from can add me in my line:jhessamie
    Or my email:

  19. 알 니

    hey.. im Arni but mostly my friends call me Anggie. I love kdramas so much and thats why i want to learn korean. I think korean is very fun. So if any of you can teach me korean, please let me know. I also can teach you english and indonesian if you want.
    LINE : arnianggraenii
    instagram: anggraeniarni

    let me know soon.

  20. Hello12shssh

    Hello can i learned korea with you…this is my kakaotalk id-Aimxn

  21. Vim

    Hi ! I am Vim From Nepal.I Want to Learn Korean Language. Is Anybody Here to Teach Me. 감사합니다.

    • Sky

      Hi. Do you want to study with me ? I’m also studying korean

      • Uva tae-kook

        Can I study with you please .
        If you see my comment please contact me .
        My email Id :
        My whatsapp number : 9790406395 .
        Any you can contact me .
        I am waiting for person to study with me Korean please

  22. Idelia Fenella

    Annyeonghaseyo, i’m Idelia from Indonesia…
    I wan’t to learn Hangul and I wan’t learn to speak Korean.. Can you teach me?
    Line : Idelia_Youngsoo

  23. Mahsa

    Hey! I’m Mahsa,24 years old,from Iran! I’m studying for Korean topik exam! who can talk to me in Korean? msg me on kakaotalk: mahssa1991

  24. love

    Hi! I wanna learn more korean and make so many friends. Add my kakao id : talinee
    thanks ^^

  25. Ashlyhn

    I can teach how to speak Korean for beginner I’m from Thailand and I study Korean by myself but never have chance to use it once
    And I am very friendly so 반가워요 ^_^
    LINE : ashlyhn_
    Oovoo : zutter.v

  26. sarah sanguan

    Hi i’m sarah from philippines 19 years old. I want to make korean friends and can teach me how to learn korean language i’ve already know some korean basic language but i want to improve my skills to speak korean any body can help me. Facebook name steffi marrienne sanguan thank you.😍😍😍

  27. latifah

    Add id LINE : latifah5211
    TALK : latifah02

  28. elaine kaye teano

    hello.. im elaine from philippines..17 yrs. old..i wanna learn how to speak and use Korean words properly…can you teach me.?..kamsahamnida…

  29. mel

    Hello im mel! im interested in learning korean and i know some basics but im trying to improve. I can teach english or chinese if you want ^^ you can msg me on kakao ID: pearlmilkktea thank you!

  30. Abdul wahab

    Hi I am abdul wahab 25 years old i want to learn korean language and go to korea for work so, please inform
    me how to learn this language properly.

  31. HanaMalfoy

    Hi! I’m from Malaysia..I want to learn all about Korea and Korean language.. if you don’t mind, please teach me..this is my line id: khalisbaekhyunee

  32. am powell montenegro

    am really so highly interested in learning korean languge so fact that i have already know a little so that is what makes me t.o love it more and i also think that living in korean country will absolutely boost my learning anything that the host of this site can posibly do to help me out,so here is my mobile phone number+2348141146636 and i will be so greatful indeed the happiest man.

  33. johnnaruthpedro

    Hello everyone, I can teach korean language . Feel free to email me at I am currently residing in baguio,Philippines. My teaching fee would be 100php/hour.

  34. suraj

    Hello friends i am from nepal. Currentlly working in south korea. My korean speaking as well as listening is very poor. So i want to learn korean . I can help friends in learning english and friends can help me in korean language. Skype id: somai.suraj1990. Thank you

  35. Gando

    I’m 24 years old Korean man.
    and I want to speack English fluently.
    So Im finding a friend who can teach me Eng.
    Of course I can teach you Korean if you want.
    So please contact me~
    My email :

  36. JOJO

    Hi eveyone 🙂 my name is santi and friends cal me jojo 🙂 I’m 19 years old , and I’m 96line , now I’m a student college fr lawyer , my goal of my life is being ambassador .. So I’m looking for new friend from another country .. I’m indonesian 🙂 if you want to being my friend , like japan , korean , engand , netherland , australia and many more
    You can check my FB : santii lajojoo
    Twitter : @jojoop630
    LINE : jojopsanti
    E-mail :
    Thank you

  37. rheree barrameda

    im from philippines, and i want to learn korean language, because im fun of the kpop.
    could you teach too?
    teach me how?
    irrs my no. 09484749916 just text me if you want… 😉

  38. jemima addo

    I will love to learn korea and a lot about the country as well I really love the people and their sense of humour

  39. rahadinda mutia

    Hi I’m Indonesian. I love Korea so much, would you teach me about Korean language and writing hangul well? this is my kakao I’d: adindd2 | 고마워요 ♥♥

  40. fadia

    hello,i’m fadia i’m a 17 years old girl i’de to get some help to learn korean it is very important to me !thank you

    • Chris

      Hi! I can help you with Korean. What country are you from?

      • Uva tae-kook

        Can I study with you please .
        If you see my comment please contact me .
        My email Id :
        My whatsapp number : 9790406395 .
        Any you can contact me .
        I am waiting for person to study with me Korean please

  41. Dina-Angel


    I’m Arab girl from Algeria 알제리, I’m interested in knowing everything related to Korea.
    I’m currently learning Korean but still not good in it, so I’m looking for some Korean friends who are willing to help me out.
    I can help with English or French if you want, French is my 2nd language and English 3rd one
    You can contact me

    감사합니다 친구들

  42. Sara

    Hi , im sara from the piliphines and i want to learn korean pls teach me …

  43. Rica

    Hi. I’m from philippines and I’m 16 yrs old. I want to learn how to speak korean. Please teach me

  44. mia johannah

    hey.! I want a korean tutor.. i love kpop that much.. Could some one tutor me..? please.??

    • JOHN IM

      hi, MIA
      i can teach you Korean language
      just contact me, plz
      since my phone or my computer ‘s broken,
      call my mom’s or house phone,okay?

  45. pjen

    hi, i am pjen from SOUTH KOREA i have a korean language problem anybody teach me plz

  46. hamza

    Hi I am hamza yamin 25 years old i want to learn korean language and go to korea for work so, please inform
    me how to learn this language properly.

  47. tiffanny

    Hi ..
    I really want to learn korean 🙂
    Lets chat to expand our english and korea vocabulary..
    Contact me on line : tiffannytjio
    Gomawo ^^

  48. kim tae wan

    hi i am korean, and 28 years old, live in in-cheon

    i want to make friends to exchange our languege.

    if you want, plz send me email

    thank you

    • Siti Nurliana

      Hye there Kim Tae Wan, I would also love to make friends with foreigners especially Korean. We can exchange our language~! ^^ I’m a native Malay speaker but I can also speak English (Not really fluent though). I’m a girl from Malaysia. 🙂 If you would love to exchange language or just make friend just send a message to my email. My email is
      감사합니다~ ㅅ.ㅅ

      • rene dulnuan

        Siti ,I am an Ifugao in the Philippines , a native pure asian, i speak english fluently, want to share culture traditions with you…

    • hai

      i’m Hai from vietnam, nice to know u..can i have ur skype name 😀

    • ira

      hi, im ira, im indonesian, and i want to learn korea, please help me, add my skype cassie.irha thanks 🙂

    • pradeep

      i am also eager to learn korean language.if you could teach me i would much oblige you.and i can teach you english,tamil and sinhala languages

    • Dina-Angel

      안녕하세요 친구 ^^

      I would like to be friends with you, we can help each other out.
      I’m currently learning Korean but still not good in it, I can help you with English or French if you’re interested

      Hope we can be friends and help each other out.

    • tricia

      hi plss teach me hangul I really need to know more before I got to Korea and live there.

  49. Muhammad tayab

    I’m Muhammad tayab my age 25 years…
    i want to learn korean language and go to korea for work so pllzz inform me my Email Address …
    Regard Muhammad tayab

  50. kim tae wan

    Hi i am korean, 28years old and live in in-chen
    Someone who want to learn korean e-mail to me
    I want to exchange languge skill.
    thank you
    my email adress by

    • sari

      I wanna learn korean, can we be friends? I would be so happy if u accept me as your friend. Thank you

  51. jacky

    I want to learn a Korean languages

  52. Park Chanyeol

    my name is Ronilyn 🙂 i’m from the philippines the reason why i post this comment because i really love korea their culture,history and mostly artist.I love to know more about korea,I have learned hangul bit by bit and i want to learn more words help me pls my profile pic in facebook is EXO’S Chanyeol,Sehun,Luhan And Xiumin !!

  53. Park Chanyeol

    Annyeong Haseyo !! i just wanna to learn korean .. !! if you agree !! 😀 <3

  54. Ronilyn :)


  55. ronilyn

    Hi !! Im Ronilyn ..!! Actually ,, Im ADDICT in KPOP !!
    @yoona kim — please teach me how to SPEAK KOREAN !!
    I am a FILIPINO !!
    THANK YOU !! 😀

  56. eli

    hi. i wanna learn korean by chatting. who can learn me ?

  57. Jin

    I can the korean language for free.
    I’d taught the korean language for 1 year.
    I’m studying the Mater degree course at the University.(major is korean)

    * condition
    place : Bundang, kangnam area
    time : morning time & 1~2 days per a week

    Please contact me if you have a question.
    e.mail :

  58. Ben C. Eim

    I graduated from University in the states and worked in a company for a couple of years in PA. I also have experience of teaching Korean school in NJ for 5 years. Currently I am working in Bundang city near Seoul state in Korea. I would like to help anybody who wants to improve on Korean skills. Of course, it is free lessons for anyone. So please feel free to contact me at Oh, but one condition, the meeting and study will be held in Bundang.

  59. yunjung,sung

    Hi, my name is yun!
    I am a Korean,ilive in seoul, and i wanna make a foreign friends.
    If you want, I can teach you Hangul or give you some help.^^
    If you want to teach me English and learn Korean, Please send e-mail to me

    • Oyetunde yusuf yusluv

      I will be very appreciate you if you can teach me how to speak korean and i will be very happy

    • Joshua Anantham

      Hey there, Yun!

      How have you been? I hope things have been going great in Korea where you are at now.

      I saw your comment about wanting to hone your English skills. I wouldn’t say that my English is perfect but English is my first language and the language which I primarily converse in be it at home, in campus and online.

      I’m not sure if this would really help much because I’m over here in Malaysia and you are several time zones away in Korea, but if you think that typed online chats would do you some good, then you can always count on me. We could have random chats via Facebook even. Or Skype.

      And I was also hoping that in our conversations, we would be able to learn more about each other’s cultures.

      All the best to you in your quest to improve your English and do take care! 🙂

    • Missy

      Hi there! I’m willing to share my know hows in english in exchange for conversational korean. well the thing is, i’m not really sure how this will turn out but I’m really excited to give it a try. If still interested you can add me up through skype: missylaca. thanks.

    • winkle

      i hope you can teach me hangul

    • ronilyn

      HI im RONILYN .. please teach me how to learn korean … im a FILIPINO !! and i love KPOP !!

    • ronilyn

    • hai

      i’m Hai from vietnam, nice to know u..can i have ur skype name or email 😀

    • pradeep

      hey.i have been working in south korea for 2 years i need to learn korean language.if any one ready to teach me,i will teach you english language

    • tricia

      add me on kakao :AraKim091793

    • Uva tae-kook

      Hi I am uva , from India. Can we be friends and also Can you help me to learn korean please please.
      My email Id :
      My whatsapp number : +919790406395 .

      Anytime you can contact me
      Please please help me !

    • Viols

      I want Hangul

  60. Park Min Young

    my name is allyza Park Min Young is my korean name i’m from the philippines the reason why i post this comment because i really love korea their culture,history and mostly artist.I love to know more about korea,I have learned hangul bit by bit and i want to learn more words help me pls my profile pic in facebook is EXO’S Sehun and Luhan
    naneun dowajusseyo


  61. clara

    Hi everyone. I’m clara from indonesia. I really want to learn korean language. I need someone who can teach me from basic because here I haven’t friends who can korean language. Even we in different country, it isn’t problem to me. Just by email or chatting use application. For everyone who can help me and want to teach me, , can contact me with email to .. or can add my id line : xiaolalaxiaolala ,, and for everyone who want to be my friend, its not matter for me. You can add me to. I’ll be happy if I have many friend from other country. Thank you. 🙂

  62. clara

    Hi everyone. I’m clara from indonesia. I really want to learn korean language. I need someone who can teach me from basic because here I haven’t friends who can korean language. Even we in different country, it isn’t problem to me. Just by email or chatting use application. For everyone who can help me and want to teach me, , can contact me with email to .. or can add my id line : xiaolalaxiaolala ,, and for everyone who want to be my friend, its not matter for me. You can add me to. I’ll be happy if I have many friend from other country. Thank you.

  63. alex

    im stay in korea i like to learn korean languadge
    who can help me
    plzcontact me good friends 01059488890

  64. Kasper Simosnen


    My name is Kasper. I just want to know if the study group is still happening?

    Have a nice day 🙂

  65. Lina

    Hello guys nice to meet you
    I am Lina live in South Korea
    Are you interested in Korea?
    Then I could help you!
    I’m wating for students, friends, or someone who wants to learn Korean languge!
    We can meet online or in person, if you want!

    e-mail :
    skype id : leena20130712

    • mia johannah

      Hai.. Do you have any fb acc. I wanna be friends with you.:) I love kpop and your so lucky to one them.. 🙂 ^_^ Hope youll reply.. Heres my fb acc. Leave some message there.. i’ll wait.. just search mia johannah arcipe..

  66. Keith

    hi there. is the advanced study group at 신촌 still meeting? definitely interested.


  67. benjo

    any korean tutor here in baguio city philippines? i need to learn korean language please contact me 09264772130

  68. alma

    hi im alma i want to learn korean.just leave a message in facebook account just search alzenya niyiwa my profile picture is a white cat.

  69. alma joy

    hi i ‘m alma i like korea i want to learn anything to but if you won’t mind i want to learn.

  70. alma joy

    hi i ‘m alma i want learn more about korea cause i love korea i hope this time i learn about it in little way.

  71. alma joy

    hi i am alma i want to lesrm korean cause i like i hope you could help me. i am also bad to learn it cause i wanna go to korea someday soon.

  72. elizabeth latoya

    hi am from kenya africa i really need some one to teach me korean and who i can teach english and swahili language my contacts are 010 3417 3939 and kenyan number is 0717167602 thans feel free to contact me anytime

  73. Yi

    안녕하세요~! 제 이름은 이 입니다!

    Hello! My name is Yi, and I am currently an Native English Teacher here in Seoul; I’ve been learning Korean for the past two years and I would like to improve on my Korean skills!
    I’m able to help anyone who needs help in English or Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin). If you are interested please feel free to email me here at:!

    Have a nice day ^^

  74. mark

    im mark from the philippines and i would like to learn korean please contact me anytime
    im looking forward to meet you =)

    here’s my email:

    skype id: icecubeiii

  75. 한지수

    안녕하세요. 저는 한국인입니다. 현재 대학생이구요. 22살 입니다.

    한국어를 배우고 싶어하는 외국인들에게 도움도 주고 친구도 사귀고 싶어서 이렇게 글 남깁니다.

  76. Joyce

    여러분, 안녕하십니까? 저는 조이스입니다. 저는 기본적인 한국어 공부했어요 그레서 조금 이해할 수 있어요. 저는 한국어 더 배우고 싶어요. 나에게 상담해주세요!! 고맙습니다 ㅋㅋ

    Hello everybody, I’m Joyce. I studied basic korean so i can understand a little. I want to learn more. Please talk to me. Thank you! kk

    kakaotalk: ecyoj01

  77. Dyea

    Annyeong! I am a Filipino and I want to learn Korean.
    I hope someone can teach me here. I can teach English too! If you want a language exchange partner, feel free to send me an email 😀
    This is my email account, I wish to receive an email from you guys. 😀

  78. Elly

    I’m Ann from the Phillipines, 24 years old and currently working as an online English teacher. I’m interested in learning more about 한글 from anyone whose willing to help me learn the language and I’m willing to teach you English as an exchanged. Email me at Thank you! ^^*

  79. JENNA

    Hello, i really appreciate this opportunity.

    I am Korean, female full time student. I spent one year in U.S to learn English and experience new culture.
    Now I am back from America, so I need to refresh my mind.
    I wanna make new friends and hang out with them. I know lots of people who stay in Korea wanna study Korean. I wanna help you to learn this language and try new experience in here.
    I have experienced teaching Korean once in America. If you have Kakaotalk ID, text me please 🙂 !

    I hope i can meet you soon 🙂

    • JENNA

      my kakaotalk id is

    • kosal

      Hi my name inha 23years.i wanna learn korea language so much.i would like you teach korea to me please .if you don’t mind please call miss to me.01046898146

    • Inha

      Hi jenna nice to meet you .please help to learn korea language.please you tell number phone or you contract to 01046898146.i hope full you will help me.thank you

    • Som


      I am Som from south Korea. I want to learn Korean Language. I am really happy to show your message in If you don’t mind please help me to learn Korean language. I hope, I will get your information to teach me. You can contact me Skype som.gautam1, or left the message, I will call back you

      Thank you

      Mr. Som

    • Som

      I can’t received your message to teach Korean language. please inform me. Just once time email me please. I am fully optimistic to get your information. Thank you.

      Your faithfully
      Skype : som.gautam1

    • Anna

      I am interested with your post… how can i get in touch of you… I search your kakaotalk id and does not exist so please inform me how can i contact you… Am near bupyeong

    • Nicole Thum

      I would like to improve my korean speaking skills.
      My kakaotalk ID : nicole8040

    • Rainer

      Hello, my name is Marco Rainer. I live in Anapolis, Brazil, next to two large and famous cities: Goiânia and Brasília. I graduated in Psychology and am currently starting the course of specialization in Neuropsychology. I lived almost a year in Perth (Australia) where in addition to learning English, made many Koreans and Japanese friends… It’s been awhile that I cherish a very strong feeling for Asians, especially Koreans. Often people ask me where does this such admiration come from? I could not tell for sure, there are several factors that influence: I like the music and TV series and admire the way they talk and the culture itself. I also admire the Korean language and the way they express their feelings… I think I’ve said too much. So I’ll get to the point: I would invite anyone who has any interest in Brazil to stay a few months in my house at no cost, just wanted to learn more about the language and culture. Yeah! And if not, at least Add me on Facebook or Kakao Talk (ID: rainer28). It will be very rewarding for me. Thank you

    • Oyetunde yusuf yusluv

      I wish to be among people in nigeria that will learn how to speak korean and i will like to have friend as you said. Really love korean culture, language and dressing e.t.c.

    • Uva tae-kook

      Hi I am Uva, from India. Can you help me? I’m really interested in Korean. Please help me to learn Korean.
      My email Id :
      My whatsapp or contact number : +919790406395
      I will wait for your reply. Please help me please

  80. lorie

    hello good day i’ve been in korea last month and im already one month here,,,i want to learn i hope you have a teaching lesson here in my place dalseogu gamsangdong daegu korea 10916…if you have is it any payment or free i hope you call me in my mobile 01041380895 or either message me by the way here is my email…i hope there is english teacher so easy for me to learn..more power and godbless

  81. usman

    please i want to speak and to learn korean please help me email

  82. usman

    respected my all Koreans
    i am Usman from Pakistan i am 24 years old man. i want to speak Korean language please any body help me about Korean language. i will teach you English. only Korean persons contact me Email.
    my Skype i.d usmanmalko120

  83. mj largado

    hi im mj largado.
    im from phillipines,18 years old.
    i want to learn some korean langauge hope you help me..

    MY email is

  84. mj largado

    hi im mj largado.
    im from phillipines,18 years old.
    i want to learn some korean langauge hope you help me..

  85. Recy


    I’m Recy from the Philippines, 26 years old. I am currently working as a call center rep in Eastwood. I wish to learn more about Hangul. Please someone help me out. I’ll teach you English for exchange. Thanks! Shoot me an email at

  86. athena

    hi i am ramona i am a filipino
    15years old girl
    i whant to now how to speak korean !!!

  87. Dorothy

    Hi, my name is Dorothy.
    I am a Korean and I visit here becuz i wanna make a foreign friends.
    If you want, I can teach you Hangul or give you some help.
    Becuz I am not good at speaking English, although there may be some problem, kkkk
    but if you okay, I wanna talk to you on Skype or mail… (exclude KAKAO TALK.)
    plz contact me!!

    • li soleng

      안녕하세요.저는 헌국어를 공부하고 있는데 아직 잘 못 해요.어떻게 한국어를 잘 하는지 아직 모르겠다.여러분은 도와 주시면 좋겠다.

    • Missy

      hello dorothy, i’m missy. I really want to learn korean and I can teach you english. If you like we can talk through skype. add me up: missylaca. Thanks.

    • Uva tae-kook

      Hi I am Uva, from India. Can you help me? I wanna learn korean. And also we can be friends.
      My whatsapp or contact : +919790406395
      My email Id :
      If you see this reply . Please contact me.

  88. taein choi

    Hi my name is taein!!
    I am living in Daegu
    that is really difficult find another country friends..
    so i wanna make some friends

    plz text me or call me!!

    010 7711 5794

    • Yot Vichet

      Hello, I am Vichet. I wanna make friend face is Yot Vichet.
      we can chat each other…

      My Tele: +855 77 778 185

    • Uva tae-kook

      Hi , I am Uva, from India . I want to be friend with you . And also can you teach me Korean please .
      My email Id :
      My whatsapp or contact number : +919790406395.
      Please contact me.

  89. enada elias

    I AM Enada Elias and i live in Ghana,West Africa and i am going to teach you how to speak English fluently but you will have to teach me korean

  90. davidmaharjan

    i`m nepali male.18 years old boy.
    i wish to speak and learn korean fluently.
    if u want to help me to study korean please send me ur email address.
    i will be wating for u r help………………..

  91. Upen Shrerstha

    Hi ! everybody,
    Nice to meet you !
    I am Upen from Yongin, going to learn the Korean Language nicely.
    Please!, help me to send your good idea or helpful file on my email
    Thank you very much to Mr. Michael for very nice Korean Champ-web.

  92. Korean Vitamin

    Korean Study Group sounds like a fun idea. ^^

    • kosal

      Hello i was gone korea 7 muonth working in korea 4 year 10 muonth.but my province difical to seoul because so i living gwangju.pls help me

    • ramona


  93. Athena

    annyong haseyo, I am a Sophmore ( almost Junior) in America and would like to further my knowledge on the Korean Language. I am going to be living in Seoul for a year and only have a little under 2 years to become fluent or at least adequate in the language. Is there anyone who can help me? My Email Is, feel free to email me.

  94. LIM JUNGHO( Lewis )

    Hello !
    I’m Korean and 24 years old man who live in Seoul.

    I’m teaching Chinese, Debate and Math in Cebu, Philippines.
    But I will go back to Korea this coming Monday.

    So I don’t want to lose my English skill ( actually my English is not good as you see can it )

    Anyway, If you want to learn Korean or Korean culture . I can teach and enjoy with you!
    Also I wanna improve my English skill. Lets exchange language each other !

    If you live in Seoul , its better than talk in an e-mail or skype like that stuff.

    E-mail :
    Kakaotalk : LIM1025

    contact to me 🙂

  95. Korean

    Hi everyone.
    I’d like to teach korean to you. I live in Seoul.

    If you want to learn korean through private tutor or e-mail

    Send me e-mail. (My e-mail : )

    As you know, korean is hard. But Where is there an easy thing in the world?

    You have to speak and listen to korean for 30 minutes or more a day.

    Steady study is the key.

    Make sure to realize your dream in the world.

    Thank you.

    • mia johannah

      tutor me please..

      • Uva tae-kook

        Hi I am Uva , from India . Can you help me? I wanna learn korean language and culture. Please help me. I am searching for Korean tutor. Please help me
        My email Id :
        My whatsapp or contact number : +919790406395

    • Uva tae-kook

      Hi I am Uva , from India . Can you help me? I wanna learn korean language and culture. Please help me. I am searching for Korean tutor. Please help me
      My email Id :
      My whatsapp or contact number : +919790406395

  96. patricia

    hi! i’m patricia currently studying korean language I need anyone who can teach me
    so I can improve more especially in writing please!! I am a Filipino ^^
    here’s my email address

  97. sungwon

    I am looking for a language (English) exchange partner/friends. I am a Korean (male, 37yrs, married) and live in Seoul. I lived in the US for about 6 yrs for study and job, and came back last month. I would like to keep practicing English and make foreign friends.
    My email:

  98. kris

    hi intelligent i read korean letters but i can not get those mean i must where can you plsss help me thanks for inspiring me..komapsumnida

  99. nicer

    hi i want to know korean language but in the first place i dont know how can i start…i live in korea now please help me i need someone to teach me how to speak and write korean chamkopmapsumnida

    • Korean

      Hi, everyone.
      I can teach you korean through private teaching or email.
      If you want to do it, you can contact me through my email.

      See you.

      • Uva tae-kook

        Hi I am Uva, Can you teach me Korean please? I really love and wanna learn korean language and culture. Please help me
        Can you send you email ?
        My email Id :
        My whatsapp or contact number : +919790406395

    • inca christian

      Hi, I’m Inca; am a Norwegian American.Around a year ago, I decided to learn Korean.Today, I read alot of Korean song lyrics, have written notebooks of Korean verbs, adverbs, pre; postpositions, conjunctions noun wordlists, using different colored pens for English, Hangul, and Romanization.I, then chose 100-150 each category, omitting words which I saw no need to learn first.I typed in search words, learn Korean verbs, adverbs, nouns search words separately, and this brought up dozens of Korean learning sites online. I used most sites.Type in learrn Korean beginners , type in Korean sentence structure & grammar.I also learned from K pop songs, starting simple, and writing down every word I KNEW in a notebook.Type in eng./rom/han subs.In K pop songs.Many words are easy to learn with eng/rom subs.I think of it as a very difficult word puzzle, and enjoy figuring out all the words.Do not write Kpop words you don’t know in Kpop notebook.However, write wordlists you don’t know in other notebooks.You will be surprised at how many words you will know to write down in your kpop notebook.I also read the sentences in Kpop songs.I prefer K indie and blues, r&b because I’m not a young girl, but like kpop to, and learn alot from it.I also keep separate kpop notebooks to write kpop sentences in, from songs, to learn how to write sentences.I must have dozens of notebooks with wordlists, and kpop words and sentence lyrics from songs.It helps to listen ti kpop, and study the words and sentence structures.I’m doing very well.Type in Korean word endings,and learn them all.Keep weather, nature( trees, grass, flowers, roads, bridges, sun, moon, birds, clouds,type words in a notebook as they are used in Korean songs.Type in romantic Korean words, romantic Korean phrases, dating words and phrases,Korean slang, Korean body parts, family relationship terms, word lists and write these all in a notebook, or notebooks.Be organized; remember what notebook your different sets of words are in.Write neatly with different colored pens so you can easily spot words in each language. What nationality are you ? Smile…I will send you my list of online Korean learning sites now too. Good luck!

  100. Hadjer

    Annyeong haseyo !!! ^^ My name is Hadjer …I am 18 …I live in Algeria ….I speak Arabic , french and English …..& I study Spanish & Korean …..Please Can you help me to improve my Korean skills??? My E-mail is : ……Don’t hesitate to send me mails …..I can teach you Arabic or French …..Ooh !! By the way , manna seo ban ka wo yo !!! :p

  101. jae-min jung

    Hi, I’m a korean, 29 years old man, final grade student of medical school. and I live near the Busan.

    on last month, I had been in Thailand, for 3 weeks because I was a exchange student. I made a lot of Thailand freinds there. Already some guys knew korean language a little bit because they love K-pop. we had a joyful time by teaching own languages each other^^

    I knew that the best way to learn any language is meeting, talking, playing each other^^
    I can guide you to famous korean places, restaurant, anywhere with my car.

    I wish we would be a good freind^^

    waiting for you

  102. Sun Dae Kim

    Hi~i am 24years old guy an di am university student
    I like meet new people haha :>
    If u need to helf about learn korean
    Send E-mail to me
    I will help u(

  103. Sun Kim

    hi~!! i am 24years old korean guy 🙂
    i like meet new friends … especially foreigner!! :> and i want talk another language haha
    i want to learn lanuage and culture anythig is ok
    if u need to help about learning korean !! Send a E-mail( to me! or comment this site
    i am university student and i live in near 신촌 ^^
    have a niceday

    • Yong yuan ai ni

      Hi~!!!!! i am 18 years old myanmar guy! I’m now studying Chinese as well as korean language. I also want to talk another language speakers especially Korean. And i can share to you about our cultures and traditions. Ours are so very interesting and very good culture. If you want to learn, anytime contact me. I can share to you. And i hope you also can help me to understand your country’s cultures and traditions.

    • kristine

      hi..i’m 17 years old from the Philippines…i just really want to learn korean, so i really need your help…kamsa hamnida!!!

  104. Shena

    I have just found this site. Well I am an English teacher (phone based) interested in learning Korean. I really do wanna learn Korean so if you could at least help me out, that would be great. In return I could also help you in English.

  105. Mi Youn Kim

    Hi everyone
    i’m 40yr Korean woman,currently living in Seoul.
    i’m looking for a friend who is willing to exchange an e-mail once or twice a week in korean and english.
    all genders,ages,nationalities are welcomed but it will be real nice if you are english speaking person,because the reason i’m doing this is to keep up with my english practice in real life.
    so if there’s anyone who is interested pls leave a reply and i’ll give you my e-mail adress.
    and thank you Michael for running this site and others as well.
    i get lots and lots of help from your pod cast and englishinkorean site.고마워요^^

    • Vanessa Narzo

      hi everyone,

      I just started working with Korean Company. I’am very much willing to learn Korean language for me to get along with my bosses.

      Hope guys you could help me..I dont know where to start.



    • Thorng

      Hi Mi Youn Kim,
      My name Thorng, I am 26 year old cambodia guy.
      I really interested in korean language. because i just learned this week
      As u know korean is hard so i need someone help and teach … how to read and writing korean.
      Feel free to contact me by E-mail:

      Hope we will be a good friend.

      Waiting for you!!!

    • Anna

      Mi Youn Kim, currently I am living near Bupyeong and searching for someone to help me with my korean languange.. can you please help me and may be in return i can help you with your english

    • Esther

      Hi, I’m a 13 year old girl currently living in Pennsylvania. My name is Esther, and my Korean name is 지인. I’d be glad to exchange emails once or twice a week in Korean or English, I’m Korean, so I can read and understand Korean. (I’m not so good at speaking it, however.^^) I hope that even though I’m quite young, that I can help you with your English, since I’m a fluent speaker. thanks 🙂

    • rajeev

      PLEASE I WANT KOREAN FRIENDS becuse i need korean lengusse

    • rajeev

      Please I wantlearn korean help me please

    • Prashant


      I am Prashant pursuing my PhD from SNU.
      I am really interested to learn Korean language from you,
      Could you please help me with that?

      Looking forward for your positive response
      Thanks and best regards

  106. Hyo

    Hi, Im Hyo, live in Korea. It would be wonderful if I can make friends through teaching launguage each other with brunch in or gangnam area during weekend. Plz contact me if any one willing to join. I am a designer, 33years old woman.

  107. Fedrick Missiamenu

    I am new beginner of Korean language and i need all of you to help me.I am 33 years old man from Ghana in west Africa.

  108. esraa

    i’m egyptian i want to know alot of korean words please
    my email

  109. jiung

    hi, im korean n live in seoul. and 24 years old(korean age)
    if someone wanna learn Korean language or culture bla bla, e-mail me.
    I will wait u guys.
    I wish I can make good friends. 🙂

  110. J Park

    I’d like to help people to study Korean
    While I was studying English in the United States, I realized how important to make native friends when I studied foreign launguage. I’ve got a lot of help from friends in the USA, so I also want to help people who are learning Korean. I can teach you Korean with your text book or answer your questions about Korean. I live in Shinchon, Seoul. feel free to email me, then we can meet once a week or something. 🙂

    And Plus,
    I also want to learn English more, if you someone want Language Exchange, email me! 🙂

    • Priscilia

      Hello~ It is so great that there are so many people out there with the interest in helping those who are picking up korean as another language. I have learnt korean for 2 years in my university here in Singapore. But due to some problems this semester, i would not be able to take the advance classes. That was really worrying for me because i am afraid i lose my passion and level in Korean. Hopefully we can have some kind of language exchange to help each other. I can help you in english since it is our first language after all. 😀 Look forward to hearing for you~

      PS. i just came back from the states as well! but it is a pity they did not offer korean classes in my university. >.<

      • Dorothy

        hi~ I am Dorothy and korean. I am also university student and wanna make you friends who can have some language exchange. I can help you to improve to speak english! give me a mail!!!

    • Susy

      Hi J Park,

      I’m interested to learn Korean, and it would be nice if we can be friend. 🙂

    • ahngelay

      I also want to know korean language.

    • sumyat

      hi,I am from Myanmar and I want to practice both English and Korean with you.Can you help me?I am waiting.

    • cm Gurung

      Hi I am Gurung from Nepal . I have been korea for 5 years and back to Nepal. I started Korean Language Institute.I teach Korean basic course for those who are willing to working in Korea.

    • enada elias

      J Park please wat is your email mine is

    • Anna

      Hi J. Park,

      how can I contact you because I want to study korean and recently I am living near bupyeong… hope to hear from you soon

    • rene dulnuan

      Hi, I am from the Philippines from Ifugao rice terraces the eight wonder of the world, I want to exchange views with Korean Christians to develop ties culturally with our race, I believe our Ifugao clans descended from Korean ancestors thousands of years ago, I want to meet Korean Christians to prepare for the End of the world as Prophesied in the Bible and many history books.

  111. husnain ghuman

    ..hi .I am pakistni in learning Korean language..can you please send me some basic documents about ,how to write and read hangul..thank you^^

  112. husnain ghuman

    plzzzzz reply me 1st um w8tting u.!

    • june

      i think that i can help you.
      if you wanna send a mail anytime when you want 😀

  113. husnain ghuman


    um husnain ghuman from pakistan sialkot !!!!!!!!!!!!

    korean group can u help me ? i want study in korean word . who want to teach me the korean word?i can read korean words but i dont know what was dat so i want 2 learn korean language .. coz korean stars admired me lot ..

    i hope i will learn a lot on this site .. thanks ..

    • Paul Peck


      I hope this message is reaching the right person:)

      Anyway, I live in Sincheon and was wondering if the group study session is still happening. I’d love to join!



  114. elisha

    hi! im elisha
    please help me ..
    i want to learn Korean language.

    • june

      i think that i can help you.
      if you wanna send a mail anytime 😀
      hope be a friend.

  115. Hyejin

    Ciao,mi chiamo Hyejin, sono coreana, sto abitando a Torino, Italia.
    vorrei fare sapere la lingua coreana e la mia cultura.
    e poi anch’io voglio parlare l’italiano bene.
    se qualcuno volesse lingua exchange, dammi una email per favore.
    ciao ciao~

  116. sina

    hi i’m from cambodia i want speak korea very well who can help teaching or study group.

  117. mher

    hi im mher filipino, i really want to learn korean language can you help me pls???

  118. elspeth

    Hi.. I am Elspeth,20, from Malaysia. I have learn Korean language for 2 years by myself and search website to study korean lnaguage, instead i buy Korean Phrase Book to study hangul. I think i have to improve my korean study more, and luckily i found this website give many useful matters .. it’s really awesome! ^^ i think this website really best~
    btw, i want to learn Korean language from anyone who want to help me, and i’m too would be pleasure to have foreigner friends outside from Malaysia.
    This is my email :

    I wish i have real korean friend when i have travel to South Korea soon.. ^^ -E-

  119. Hyoman

    hi I don’t know how old this last post was, but If the korean group is still on going I would like to join you. I just also happen to live in 신촌 so please contact me ASAP for reply, thank you very much , Hyoman

  120. saida

    hi** i’m libyan girl & i want to learn korean please help?????

    • Jong Ho(David) Kim

      Hi my name is David. If you want to lean Korean anytime feel free to contact me.
      And I live in near by Seoul.

      Thank you.

  121. mgkoko

    hello , i am a myanmar i really like korean language . can you teaches me?

  122. nicole calpito

    .. hi to all my name is nicole calpito, i live in the philippines, Please teach me korean. because all korean is my idol. please teach me..

  123. rowena

    hi im rowena 23yrs old im from the philippines I want to learn a korean language?

  124. rowena

    hi im from the philippines i want learn a korean language can u help me

  125. wang lama

    I can read and write korean language but have problem to find out the meaning, I can make conversation little beat but I want to make it fluent recently I am in Suwon(S. Korea). If you have any idea plz plz help me…….you you can join to my facebook ( tamang wang c) and support me for further steps.

  126. Alex

    Hi everyone! I’m a native British living in Seoul and need some help urgently with my Korea. Is this Korean study group still happening?

    • Michael

      Well, maybe. Do we finally have enough members in Seoul?

    • Jae-Young

      Hi~I’m Jae-Young and I teach some foreigners Korean for free. If you need help to lrean Korean still, please email me. ^^

      • enada elias

        hi i’m enada elias and i am 16 yrs of age and i did like for someone to teach me how to Korean. i live in Ghana that is west Africa and if anyone wants to learn how to speak english i would like to help you email me at feel free and 4email because it is only through languages dat you can make friends and also i did like someone to teach me how to speak filipino. will be waiting urgently.and please Jae-Young you will help me or any body else can

  127. Alex

    hello! I am a native Brit living in Seoul. I finished level 3 intensive course at Yonsei and need to carry on with studies. Is the weekly meet-up still happening? would love to be part of it if it is. Thankyou!

  128. Kim, Tae-hyung

    Hi, my name is Kim, Tae-hyung living in Mapo, Seoul.
    I am a college student. I will graduate from a college next year.
    I have one wish that I want to make a foreign friend before I graduate from college.

    Also, I’m officially on the job market. To find a decent job, I have to practice English.
    Everyday I study English. But it’s a little bit difficult for me to learn English by myself.
    I feel it’s like a swimming lesson without any having experiences diving into a pool.
    Is there anyone who can help me swim in a pool of speaking English?

    I can teach someone who want to learn korean. And I want to exchange Language.
    Ultimately, I want to make a friend to share a culture and thinking.
    On-line, off-line, either’s fine.
    This is my phone number 010-4596-6062. If you have a kakaotalk, you can reach me freely.
    My facebook is and My email is
    Feel free to contact me if you want. Thanks you.!

    • Nurlina Shahirah

      i also want to learn korean language….plz help me….gomapta

    • Shermagne

      I like your thoughts about having a foreign friends.. and i’m also here to have one.
      Absolutely, want to learn bout Hangul..If you want ,we can share knowledge about our

      • Marife

        Hi!:)can we be friends?i really want to learn korean language, I’m super dooper dying to learn it!!!hahaha,sounds funny right?but I’m serious,so please help me.Thank you:)

    • KIm won tae

      Hi mates i’m looking for someone who want lettering for call with me
      for language swap. now i’m in australia but i’ll go back to korea at the end of Nov in this year.
      My home town is in Deagu but i don’t care about where you are so don’t worry to mail me it will be my pleasure
      i’m very good at Korean literature and interest in architecture and current events like news. i’ll wait your e mail and wish to be a
      good friend and teacher,student each other. thank you:)

    • kristine

      i want to learn your language ‘coz i really love k-pop…i need help.
      Thank You!!!

  129. Shad

    Sorry my email is.

  130. Shad

    Hi please send me the coarses about Korean language to my email,

  131. ji hye kim

    It’s a great site!

    i’m korean!

    Americans want to recommend to a friend

  132. Hee

    안녕하세요:) 부산에 거주하시는 분이나 한국어 연습이 필요하신분 연락주세요. 영어는 미국에 거주한적 있어서 어느정도 가능합니다.

  133. choi yoon yong

    hi i’m jack(english name) 23 years old man~,
    and studying sond,recod engineering. i’m living in yongsan,seoul
    now i’m studying. so i find a friend for exchage language.
    and also i can help your problem in korea
    call me now don’t hesoitate ^^
    010 – 7140 – 2150

  134. Sam

    I currently live in 대전 but I go to Seoul every weekend. I recently passed level 4 TOPIK so I would certainly be up for this.

    Will it only be on weekdays? If it was on Saturdays or something I’d definitely like to go. ^^

    (I’ve studied Elementary textbooks before and find the grammar much, much easier than what I know but the vocab is pretty insane. Different names of grain foods, etc. Whilst one naturally wants to learn all the vocab in a language some of that stuff wasn’t so useful to real life, haha.)

    • amila

      hi,i want to learn korean…is there any F5 visa…if we passed level2 topic…can we get dat visa from embassy….is it true or not….plz rep…im in deagu,kyonsan,namchon.

  135. james

    Hi, im james and korean. I hope to teach korean words for another country and to be you guys friend!!!
    please, send to message if u guys see my message. Also, i hope to learn english. 🙂

  136. james

    Hi! I;m jaems. and in my mid 20s. I hopt to converse with foreigner. if u r my friend, i can teach to korea language for you anywhere, anytime. if u use to kakaotalk, give me a message. My cellphone number is 010-5203-4493. And im living in daegu. Call and send a message to me if you live in daegu.

  137. Stan

    If you are still doing this class i am very interested.

  138. yen

    Hello . can you help me learn korean words. thanks

  139. christian

    Hi! im christian from philippines im 16 years old… i want to learn korean language..plz Help me..! if you want..?



    pls..Help me..?

  140. marky len

    저는 한국어에 관심이 있어요
    jeoneun hangug-eo e gwansim-i iss-eoyo

    i am interested in korean language

  141. marky len

    Annyong haseyo?

  142. Jimbo


    My name is Jimbo and i already gone to Seoul once and will be going back this September 2012…
    I always love Korean Culture and Korean Languange… Love their hanbok and the construction of letters… i also love the values and respect towards elders of korean…
    i always tell myself that if i’ll be reincarnated i hope i’ll be korean…
    i’m from philippines and self studying korean language and culture since 2010…

    luckily i was able to read hangul and say some basics but still can’t speak fluently and spontaniously…I hope there’s good Koreans out there that can appreciate my love towads their culture and help me to live there and work there… i don’t even have plans going back to my country if i’m there….

    i’m a registered nurse but i want to teach english there and learn korean…
    hope someone ot there can read this message…

    jongmal gomapsumnida!!!

    pls contact me…

  143. Karina

    제 이름은 가리나 입니다. 브라실에 살입니다 그리고 저는 14살 입니다.
    한국말을 너무 좋아요, 그리고 매일 공부해요.
    I really want do learn de Korean language, but is very difficult to study online 🙁
    Then Iso I wonder if there are any chat to learn korean. 😀
    If someone also wants to practice Korean, please add me > <

    P.s.: Sorry for my English, I'm braziliand and I don't speak this very much :S

  144. julia

    I’m a korean woman, 29 years old. Call me julia or jihee
    l live in seoul near Shin-chon.
    I’m looking for Foreign friends for language exchanges.
    Someone who interested in, Plz send E-mail^^


    • joanna

      hi ms julia .. I want to learn and know to write korean I come from philippines
      I hope I can find someone can teach me I am really interested and want to learn
      I realy love korean drama.. here’s my email

      Thank you I hope someone can help me thanks

    • nicer

      hi miss julia pls help me to know korean and i teach you filipino words and english thank you

  145. Jenny

    I am a Korean woman, 25years old.
    I live in Seoul near Itaewon and I have a plan to go to study abroad in Australia on next month.

    I want to learn Korean to anybody who want to learn Korean or speak Korean fluently.
    and I want to exchange languages, cultures.

    If you are interested, message me or send email!
    email :

    Thanks! Jenny

  146. SOO

    I’m SOO. Learn the Korean language and the minutes, here see. I to the foreigner the Korean language is interest to teaching. The Korean language from the university and the graduate school also the qualification certificate which teaches the Korean language was having in the foreigner, majored. Even in former times doing the Korean language homework in the Japanese friends and not knowing was and TOPIK to prepare a question plentifully about not knowing faced.If with this mail liaison staring to the maximum helping drill ~^^

  147. Jason


    My name is Jason and I am from Australia. I am currently in level 4 at Yonsei in the evening class. I am taking the evening class as I study at Korea university during the day. I really want to improve my Korean and was wondering if you are still offering this course? However, I would not class my self as advanced – intermediate perhaps.

    Also, this site is awesome. I can’t believe you offer all this for free. Well done.


    • Michael

      Hi. Thanks for stopping by!

      I may put something together again. Do you think you’d be able to help recruit a few more students at a similar level?

      Even if we don’t get anything going, you can always listen to my show on TBS eFm at 10:30 a.m. every Friday.
      I’ve also been posting a lot of lectures on YouTube recently. Type “영어 과외” and you’ll see me. Those are for Koreans learning English, but I think they’d definitely be helpful the other way too.


  148. khun maung kyu

    Mine gmail is

  149. khun maung kyu

    Hi everybody
    i am now in incheon gyeyang gu.
    I want to get friends to speak korean language with me who live in incheon.
    Please reply me.

  150. sujan khanal

    I like korea very much for study and i want to know korean language,so please help me.

  151. Coery

    Hey guys. How are you?
    My name is Corey, was born in Korea. of course I’m Korean.
    I wanna be friend with you guys who live in Busan.
    Just be closed friend then wanna go vacation with you and my firends.
    Since I’m sick of hanging out with only Koran guys, so It should be interesting that go on a vacation with us.
    We can show you guys our cultures, traditional place and Enjoy a lot. I mean just drink alcoholic beverage, dance, game and a variety activities. Just be in touch with me through my Email,, or Call me ‘010-2692-8759.

  152. amirul

    i’ll seek for your cmment here,my e-mail is unworking

  153. amirul

    hi,im from malaysia,anybody can teach me about korean..cultures,language or anything about korean lifestyle???added me on fb orite??thnx..

  154. Eddie

    Hi. I’m Eddie and 37 years old. I have Korean name but it is very difficult to pronounce for foreign people, so please call me Eddie. I live in Inchun and my company is in Seoul. I’m looking for foreign friends who want to share each other’s cultures and languages. If you want to learn Korean, please contact me using following contact information. I think I can help you and become a good friend.
    Contact :

    • rene dulnuan

      Eddie , I am an Ifugao from the north of Philippines, Our Culture is descended from the great rice culture of Korea according to our traditional beliefs based on the flood thousands of years ago. I want to make friends with Korean People to restore the right of Korean Empire of the ancient in our lands called now the Philippines. my email is

  155. janice

    Hi~i’m a 26 korean girl live close to Wangsimni and looking for foreign friends who can share each other’s cultures and languages. if there is anyone who want to learn how to speak korean, plz feel free contact me. i can help u to improve korean and become ur close friend^^
    phone no. 010 4086 8508/

  156. rebeca guay

    i really really want to learn korean

    • Jina

      Hi…I am very interested about language exchange..
      I really really want to teach you and be a good friend..
      Hopefully you will contact me soon

  157. VIENNA ROSE vienna i wnat to learn how to write speak and count in korean language i am here in south korea but dont know anything about their language..any body can help?

  158. soo

    hi everybody im soo and korean
    im 26 years old and man ive lived in eunpyung-gu,seoul
    i wanna make a foriegn friends i want to talk someone in eng
    and i ll teach korean and culture
    i like basketball and martial arts and travel
    if u want travel ill guide for u
    u interesting ? contact me thank u for reading
    my email addy is

  159. Hwang

    Nice to meet you:)
    My name is Junwon hwang, I’m student.
    I living in Ansan(Gyeonggi-do, Korea)
    If we are friend, I thought we will be useful to each other.

  160. Junwon Hwang

    Hello~ nice to meet you:)
    My name is Junwon Hwang I’m Student
    Maybe… I thought we each other help~

  161. surya

    hi friends i like this class .how to learn more plz help me?

  162. Faheem Aslam

    Hi michael ,you are doing an excelent job, it is really helpful for me to learn korean language, i really want to learn korean language but i have a problum ,my pc isnt showing the korean words,please help me

    • Michael


      Have you installed the fonts for Korean on your computer? If you are using Windows, you need to go to Control Panel and find the languages setting. Find Korean on the list and choose to install it. That should work.


      • kris

        hi michael intelligent i read korean letters but i can not get those mean i must where can you please help me
        thank you for inspiring me

    • kroetsokkhoeurn

      Hi i want to study korea but i don’t know school

  163. LOUIE

    HI CAN YOU TEACH ME HOw to speak korean?

  164. kailash

    hi friends i would like to learn korean language. i am now in incheon please help me to learn korean language

  165. chanlay

    hi all friend how ya been

  166. melody

    hello there!
    i’m Melody 22 years old,
    i studied korean for 6 month but i wanna improve it coz i like Korea soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ~ so i wanna study this language from any one!
    i’m really glad if u can teach me and help me 🙂
    have a good time ^^’

    this is my email address: ( )

  167. Mega

    Hi… I’m Riani from Indonesia, 🙂
    I’ve studied Korean characters,
    I want speak Korean fluently,
    Could you help me, please?

  168. SHYLA

    ANNYEONG .. im SHYLA from PHILIPPINES too .. i really want to speak korean .. can anyone lend me some time ?? hahah 🙂 PLEASE .. please do email me at ! or do text me 09301625389 .. i would love it too if youre willing just to TEACH ME HOW TO SPEAK KOREAN !! :* KAMSAHAMNiDA !

  169. xin yi

    hi , i want to learn korean please help me !!!!!!!! please…………………..

    thank you


  170. park eun fye

    hello i want to learn korean language

  171. Amy

    저는 신천에 있는 주간 공부 그룹을 다니고 싶어요. 저에게 정보를 이메일을 보내십시오. 감사합니다!

  172. precious

    i want to learn korean language plz help me

  173. Mann Ruon

    저는 만루언이라고 합니다.전 캄보디아 사람입니다
    나이는 25 살이고 대학생입니다
    한국어를 좋아해서 한국어를 공부했습니다.
    근데 외국어를 배우는 게 쉽지 않았습니다.
    문화도 다르고 생활도 달릅니다
    그래서 이해하지 못 한 것이 많았습니다.
    전 한국어로 애기할 수 있만큼만 원하는 것이 아닙니다
    한국 생활을 이해할 수 있는 저도 배우고 싶습니다
    자기 문화하고 한국 문화를 비교하고 싶고 서로 문화를 알려 주고 싶습니다
    그런데 궁금한 것이 생일 때 어떻게 할지 모릅니다
    인터넷으로 물을 수 있으면 좋겠습니다
    가는하면 인터넷으로 무료 수업을 들을 수 있으면 최고입니다

    • Jina

      Hi!! I’m a Korean woman.
      I ‘d like to help you how to speak or write Korean. Or anyone who wants to improve their Korean language.
      Please send me an e-mail.

      • Yubaraj Ttripathi

        hi how are you , my name is yubaraj Tripathi , i am intrest in reading writting or speaking koren langguage ,
        pl help me

      • elspeth

        hi Jina.. i really want learn korean language from you also.. i will send you email i hope you receive it^^

    • yelinnaing

      좋은 계확이네요.
      그렇습니다. 인터넷으로 수업 해 드릴 수 있다면 해요.
      제 이름은 예린나잉입니다. 나이는 21 살이고 미얀마 사람입니다.
      저도 한국말을 배우고 있는데 한국어는 되게 어렵습니다.

  174. aibe

    …good day…I’m Aibe of Phils. I’m hoping and looking forward if you could lend me some of your time in teaching me how to learn korean langguage. I’m very interested to learn such to the extent that I will accept any videos relating to such if ever you can lend me some because as what you had stated in the previous page that you only teach korean langguage personally if the person resides in Korea. Even though, I’m here in the Phils., I am very willing to accept any means inorder for me to achieve my goal which is to learn your langguage. Thank you.

  175. princess

    hi, im princess from philippines 14 yrs old.. i want to learn korean language and speak korean… can you help me.. plzzzz…

  176. zeloni

    hello i’m from philippines i know to memorize the korean language but the problem is i can’t to write the hangul it’s so hard micheal ssi?

  177. paul

    I don’t get it……????????

  178. LAy

    Hi!all friend i want 2 speak korean who can help me

  179. Mira

    Hi, This is Mira.
    I live in Seoul (near Shinchon).
    I’m looking for foreign friends for languege exchanges.
    I’m gonna teach you Korean and also wanna improve my English skills with your help.
    Someone who interested in, pls email me. Thanks.

  180. bran name is bran..Malaysia sahram mindeyo… living in ireland to study…im so depressed here because been looking for korean people here in Dublin for ages but pointed to no avail..i really wanna learn korean to the point that i learn alot by myself. i dont know which level am i but i can now read hanggul and also speak simple phrases but i improved my tone and pronunciation…please teach me anyone….komapsumida yeorobun!!

  181. SHYLA

    hi SHYLA from PHiLiPPiNES ! i just want to learn , speak and write korean .. HOPE SOMEBODY WiLL TEACH ME SOON .. PLEASE JUST EMAiL ME :))
    i really want to Learn ..

  182. Kim young nam

    I’m Korean womon. I can teach someone Korean Language once a week by our meeting.
    I live in Uijeongbu. If you are lady, and stay around here or Nowon, Dobong…we can meet together.
    Of course free of charge!!!

    • janice domenden

      hello kim…..i want to learn how to speak korean,,,,im going to work there soon,,,,if i gonna passed the exam ….im here philippines,,i have a work here,,,just txt on me,,here is my phone # 09214867813,,,gansamnida chingoooo… you soooon

    • nina

      hi kim im nina. im from phil. but now im leaving at suwon si.. can you help me how to speak korean, i can read simple hanguel words but the problem is i dont understand. huhu help me pls.

    • Amel

      Hello Kim !!
      I am French and I work in Uijeongbu but i live in Seoul. Actually I am studing korean more than one year and I would like to practice my korean by speaking. Let me know how to contact you. Thank you ^^

  183. fian

    ingin bisa bahasa korea

  184. mottaleb

    hi,i am mottaleb.i am in bangladesi student.i love korea and korean language. i want to learn korean langua.i need korean good frend or techer suggetion.please help me? email addrese……

  185. chandika

    hi iam prageeth chandika i am from sri lanka . now in leving sauth koria [do job] i like a learn korean language plise help me. show it thank you….

  186. chubby

    I wanna ask how can I get the Hangul letters for my computer?


    • Michael

      Hi, Chubby.

      You use Windows, right? I use a Mac, so I don’t remember clearly, but I think you have to go to Control Panel and click on “International,” or something like that.
      Or do you mean a Korean keyboard for typing?


      • chubby

        Yup, I use Windows 7. What I mean is a Korean keyboard for typing, because I start to learn Hangul. So I think it will be helpful if I can practice not only by hand writing but also by typing in computer. Besides I also have several internet friends from Korea now (thanks to your Korean Champ) and I want to chat with them by using Hangul letters. So could you help me?



    • Doug Asbury

      Chubby, Check out the following site, where you can type on a virtual Hangul keyboard, copy it, and paste it into an email or an instant message program.
      Another one that works differently is here:
      Here’s an instructional video that directs you to do basically what Michael suggested, though it relates to Vista rather than Windows 7, so it might be a bit different for you:
      There are some other videos that appear to the right of the video above that might also be helpful to you.
      Good luck!

  187. Minnie Hong

    Helooo, This is Minnie. Im Korean. living in Jeonju. anyone who lives in Jeonju and wanna be friend, feel free to e-mail me. 🙂 I’d like a language exchange. Here’s my e-mail address.

    • riza mae suarez

      hi . .. can i ask a question . . .. what is the Korean name for riza Mae?? answer please . . . i just want to learn Korean language . . .

      • 신시아

        Actually Korean names only have three syllables including the last name. But if you translate your name to Korean letters it would look like this 리사 (Riza) 메이(Mae). Your last name Suarez would look like this: 솨렞.

    • liz

      hi im liz from the US im probably the youngest here but im very to earth im 16 and love korea the music culture language and the dramas and im hoping you can teach me some korean i dont know much

  188. Zie

    Hello I’m Zie from Brunei, I wish we all could work together to get our korean better. I really want to learn Korea so that I can get a higher level in TOPIK to get in university..

  189. Kim Alayssa Prele

    hi my name is kim alayssa prele!!! i look for this website because i want to learn how to speak korean!! i know how to speak korean but just a little bit!!!
    camsahamnida!! i hope you can help me!!!! please reply faster!!!!

  190. angel joy asiao

    hello,,, im angel i love korean song and korean artist so i decided to learn a korean language can someone help me plsssss,………………. follow me in twitter if you llike to teach me a korean language,,,,my email marxgen… thank you

    by the way i came from philippines and im 14 years old,,,,,,,

  191. foufa

    hi every one I am latifa from algerea I wanna learn korean language .cuz I love south and north korean and hem peoples …….so can u help me please …

  192. angel

    hi , I’m angel….
    I’m from Philippines …
    I’m 12 yrs. old …
    I’m very interested to learn Korean…
    could you help me translate my name in Korean?

    • Kim young nam

      You cna translate your name ‘angel’ to ‘천사’ in Korean.*^^*

  193. angel

    hi , I’m angel….
    could you help me translate my name in Korean?

  194. nette

    ..hello everyone!!.. i’m nette from philippines..i quite interested in korean language and i’d like to learn it..i know some if it and can speak some but not fluent…can you help me please???..thank you!!..:D

  195. donnamae

    hi… im donnamae from philiphines i want 2 learn korean language plz….help me how 2 learn korean

  196. donnamae

    hai im donnamae teach me how 2 speak korean iam a pilipina i like korean speak plz……….

  197. Priyantha Balasooriya

    hi… Priyantha .from Sri Lanka 30 yrs old..i want to learn korean language. .could you help me?

  198. Jenny

    Actually, I need friends who speak korean and english cause i have difficulty to practice. No one speak korean in my environment. Now I’m still at level 1, leaning alphabet and how to read and write in korean character. But can’t speak.. Wish i have friend to skype and teach me to speak in korean ^_^. TQ 🙂

  199. allyana

    hello . i’m allyana from philippines . i want to learn more korean sentence or words . can you help me ? :))

  200. eyka_shila

    man nasaw bangap sumneeda …. i’m eyka …i’m fr0m malaysia … 13 yrs 0ld ….
    can y0u help me learn korean language …
    michael can y0u help me plezzzz….

  201. miera

    hi everyb0dy..i’m miera ..i’m fr0m malaysia …i want learn korean language …
    michael can u help me learn korean langauge .. and i need y0ur help …
    can y0u help me michael ?? .. ??

  202. Mr.Lee

    I’m Korean.
    I want to help foreigners who want to learn Korean.
    If you want, send mail
    My mail :
    MSN id :

    • yonsethon

      I want to study korean langauge i come from cambodia can you help me thank you be hand

    • elspeth

      hi Mr.Lee its look like you want help foreigner to learn korean…thanks, i’ll email you

  203. maria

    i love korean language……… but i dont know anything about it…….can u help me???.i want to learn this language……..thank u!!

  204. Jaselle

    hi… i really want to know well the korean language… i hope i will learn fast… hope u will help me… thanks

  205. student

    hi i am girl student from eygpt i would like to learn korean language please help me

  206. melghen

    nice… by the way can i get the korean translation of my name???- melghen… i will appreciate it very much.. thank you.. God blesss

  207. mikee

    hello, i want to learn a korean language . can you teach me how to use korean ?

  208. joe

    hello everyone.
    i am joe
    i was just browsing foreigners who wanted to know korean language near me and this page came up..
    if u need to brush up on korean language . please dont hesitate to ask me.

  209. Eungdo

    Michael !
    저는 문응도라고 합니다..당근 한국사람이구요.서울 돈암동에 살고있습니다.
    Korean Study Group에 참여해도 되나요?. Study Group통해서 외국인 친구도 사귀고 싶어서 그럽니다. ㄳ합니다.회신주셈..


  210. chubby

    Hi………Michael, I’ve read your 10 easy phrases.You wrote that for asking a name we said Irumee moyaeyo?. But I ever read in a korean language book that for asking a name we said Iremi muosemnika?. So what’s the different?
    Hope you’ll answer ……… Thank you.

    • 신시아

      Hi… There are three ways you can say things in Korea depending on who you are talking to. The first one is polite because of the ending “yo” the second one is very formal. If you speak with younger people you just say “Ireumi moya?” the ending is just “a” or “oe”. For older in order to be polite the ending changes into “yo”. If you want to be formal and be more polite you use “seumnika” as your ending.. that’s for questions… for statement they use “imnida” also formal. 😀

      • 신시아

        just an addition.. Ireum means name and mo means what. so it’s like “name what+ ending” depending on who you are talking to.

  211. dewi

    hay i am dewi from indonesia can u teach how to learn korean lenguage please

  212. praiprie_praiprie91

    how can i study korean well?

    • Michael


      Just start by learning that alphabet and then learning a few simple phrases.
      After that, just memorize more words and sentence patterns.

      You can start with the phrases that I posted in the most recent lesson.

      Good luck!

  213. praiprie_praiprie91


  214. praiprie_praiprie91

    hello everybody i want to learn korean too!

  215. Mir Ali

    hi am Mir live in Pakistan i have done Korean language in Peshawar but am confuse so pl z help us and join us

  216. bopha

    Hi, i want to know Korean language, but i don’t know about how to learn? because my English no good for use

  217. Rara

    annyeong ! im Rara ! i from Malaysia . I love korea . n i want to learn korean language . can u teach me ? ^o^

    • Michael

      Hi, Rara.

      I can help you through the site and you can ask me any questions that you have.


  218. park

    hi, i am korean. i not a teacher, just want to have some foreign friends. maybe i can help you learn korean. email:

    • deana asri

      hi,i’m diana from malaysia
      i’m 13 yrs old
      i’m really2 want to learn korean language,can u teach me?

    • bran

      can i be your lil foreign friend?? malaysian but currently in
      dublin 🙂

  219. faizy

    hello…i faizy i want to learn korea.because i want school at korean

  220. eman

    hello i’m eman i want to learn korean language

  221. Hazel Que

    My email is

  222. Hazel Que

    Greetings, I am Hazel Que who lives in the Philippines. I am very interested to study korean language but I don’t how to start. Please teach me the basic korean terms that can be used in business.

    • Michael

      Hi, Hazel.

      Did you check out the recent post, “10 Easy Phrases”?
      I think that would be a good place to start.
      If you memorize all of those, you’ll have plenty to say to any Koreans you work with.
      I’m going to make more of those posts soon.

  223. dianne david

    hi my name is dianne and i live in phillipines
    i want to learn korean words and hangul too
    can you help me 🙂 )this my facebook account

  224. dianne david

    hi !
    can you teach how to combine hangul and how to speak korean words
    plx help me :)…

    • Michael


      What exactly do you mean by “combine Hangul”?
      Maybe it would be better if you asked me a specific question.

  225. nuri

    안녕하십니까 ?
    전 리비아 사람입니다.
    저의 언어 아랍어가 입니다 .
    반갑습니다 , 좋은 시간입니다 .
    한국어를 배우고 좋아합니다 .
    한국 드라마와 중국 드라마를 보고 좋아합니다 .
    감사합니다 , 안녕히 계세요 .

    • Michael


      사이트에 와주셔서 감사합니다!
      앞으로도 계속 열심히 공부하시고 질문 있으면 언제든지 물어보세요 ~

      – 마이클

  226. eiqa

    hello….. i’m eiqa i’m want to learn korean language…. can tou teach me?

  227. demian


    I am korean lady. I live in suji young-in. I can teach korean and japanese.

  228. Jenny

    Nice to see you all. It’s a great website!!

    I’m Korean living in Canada. I’ve learning English through website, and I’ve just noticed that this website. I didn’t realized that there are many people who want to learn Korean.

    If you are having a hard time writing in Korean or reviewing (editing) a Korean essay, report or paper, I am happy to help you. Since I am in Canada, you can catact me through email.

    Jenny 🙂

  229. I wanna speak Korean, i hope everyone could help me…..!

  230. 안녕하세요!나는 김 입니다! 지금은 대한민국에서 살아요, 나는 외국인 사람이에요. 요즘은 한국어를 공부하고있어요. 오랜에 공부했어요, 하지만 아직해가 안돼요 그래서 지금 은 선생님은 필요합니다. 누가 도와 할수있어요? 감사합니다.

  231. sasil raquel

    shinee to all im a pilipino people iwant to learn a korean words pleas teach me from raquel kansamhaminda

  232. BR

    Hi, friends! I`m BR living in korea. and I want to make foreign friends.
    also I can help you anyone who wants to learn korean. send email to me anytime.

  233. bella

    hello i’m dalel im from tunisia i love korean language so i want to learn.can you help me?? If you have free time, please contact me at………..(skype nick: belle.dalel )

  234. jovy

    annyong haseyo…I really love korea very much from their culture and Kpop groups..that nowadays they become a big part from philippine society..can you please hep me on how to speak their language..??Im from philippines..Gomab seum nida…:-*

  235. Nur Anis

    I hope somebody teach me how to speak Korean ?

  236. 이순애(Lucy)

    안녕하세요? I’m Lucy. I’m a Korean language teacher in an university. I want to make foreign friends.

  237. yoomie

    안녕하세요 i am hayam from sudan i want to learn korean language…. so can somebody help me ^^감사합니다

  238. chubby

    annyonghaseyo michael ssi
    jonen chubby-imnida
    Indonesiaeso wassemnida
    mannaso bangabsemnida
    so what d’you think michael?
    it’s quite difficult to find korean language course here, so i try to do it by myself.
    i don’t know where to start, so i start it by learning and understanding some simple sentences like those above.
    do i make the right start? or should i study the hangeul first?

    • michelle tandogan

      hai can u teach me a korean language? i want to learn more about your language … what i am going to do, so that i could learn how to speak please help me…even basic words please?!!!!!!

  239. SOL

    Hi mates ! . This is Sol from South Korea here !

    If you need any help to learn about KOREAN ,feel free to email me at any time you want , Surely I am a native Korean.


    • jovy

      really? can you please teach me how to speak korean language?

    • bella

      hi SOL !!! i’m dalel from tunisia I love korea sooo much so i want learn about korean language can you help me?? If you have free time, please contact me at………..(skype nick: belle.dalel or oovoo: bella-dalel )

    • aj s. vallejo

      can you teach me how to korean ?
      please ….. can u ????

    • Osvke

      Yeah please teach me..what’s your email for pls give me!!

    • princess

      really? can you teach me how to speak and write Korean language…

  240. kiky

    annyong haseyo..
    i’m kiky from indonesia.. I love korea sooo much.. so i wanna learn about korean language, but in indonesia its quite hard to find korean course..that’s why i really” hope u could teach me, or give me some reference to start learning korean language from the basic.. gamsahamnida michael 🙂

  241. phuonganh87

    Hello! I’m from Vietnam. I really want to learn Korean. I would love to talk to anyone that can speak Korean fluently. If you have free time, please contact me at………..(skype nick: Dieutram87) Please add my nick!

  242. analyncastrofrancisco

    hi,i hopee you can help me how to speak a korean language,i want to learn some basic word

  243. Birkha Rai

    Hi i want realy korean lengoesh because korean people my heard & my realistion like that.

  244. mimi

    hi, iam mimi and i was a korean fanatic, and i used to spent weekends studying korean , and it also complements me in school.. but i want to learn more , could you teach me?

  245. robil rose

    hello..hmm..can you help me how to speak korean? or some korean translated in english????hehehh..i hope you will…

  246. Michou Mercine

    Hello, please please please, is there anyone who can help me to learn Korean?? Cuz I wanna go To Korea with my friends next year please help me
    I wanna learn sentences in korean that i can use it in conversations but in English Alphabet not in Hungungamel (korean writing)

  247. sun assasin

    annyeong haseyo..i want to learn about korean words..i want to learn how to speak in korean..and some meaning in korean..please help me..

  248. nadia

    anyone here, please help me to learn korean…or can you suggest me another website..please…i’m desperately want to learn korean language…thanks for your kindness… 😉

  249. riopaulineluna

    i need to speak korea and i want my friend to speak me like that please learn on me

  250. nina

    ihi its my first time and i really want to know korean language please

  251. angelou kwon

    hi iam angelou kwon iam married to korean MAN and now iam studying korean language but its very difficult for me coz i dont know if i pronounce it right! i only have books about koren alpahbet !

  252. miraflor

    hi i’m miraflor can you teach me how to speak korean language? because i want to know and learn…it thats all.and thank you!

  253. miraflor

    hi i’am miraflor,i want to learn some korean language and haow to speak…..

  254. HASNA

    hi I’m hasna from algeria i want to learn korean language plz help

  255. regine

    i want to learn korean bat i can understand your lecture…can you teach me pronunciation

  256. kim hyun hye

    please teach me some korean language please…………

  257. Sanaa

    Sorry I meant How can I get feedback of new posts in this website.

  258. Sanaa

    Thanks for this lovely website..I wanna ask you please..How can I get any new feedback from this site..Thanks in advance!
    Have a nice day!

  259. mitchelle

    anyhesyo., i wnt 2 learn korean languages czs 8s intersted 2 me , den i wnt mmmmmmmmmmmmre @ mre czs we no haw 2 speak korean if u hve a frwds .

  260. Kris

    Any chance that I can join your study group if it’s currently running? I studied through level 4 at KU and have been learning on my own and through friends since.

  261. arche= so-hee

    i love k-pop

  262. rawa

    hello every one
    i hope have a great good days
    i wanna learn korean language
    i can say that’s my dream
    please how can i learn korean
    please teach me and reply

  263. mohamed

    I’m too wanna learn korean language

  264. mohamed

    hello ~ can I

  265. anu

    i know basically nothing about the language but i am desperate to learn.i am searching for many sites that will be able to teach me the basic ,that is how to say hello,goodbye,goodnight etc . i basically want to ask at what point of time ,or after learning how much should i visit your blog…….please tell

  266. lydi cris alvarico

    hai!i really want to learn how 2 speak Korean.would you teach me some?

  267. Gaju

    I also want to learn Korean language.I am from nepal

  268. Yuri Valentino Choi

    안녕하새요, 🙂 나는 유리 임니다,,I arrived in korea 1month before,I’m from Philippines,but I lived in Gwangju,Big City in south korea,,I’m always studying korean langguage in home..only by my self,,it’s really hard for me to learn alone,i can read and a can right korean language but I can’t understand it..I don’t know how to pronounce it very well..I can speak a little korean but another people don’t understabd me because of my pronounciation..can you please help me to learn korean language step by step?I really hope that you can help me..캄사함니다 🙂

  269. glenda myra

    hi….im glenda myra from phil.can u teach me how korean language?

  270. Dilaram Khanal

    Hi ! want to learn korean language i just want to request if ever i am accepted to learn by internet/emails? just send me the lessons? i’m from Nepal. thanks.

  271. daryl matias

    hi.. i want to learn korean language..but im not leaving in..korea…what should i do to learn korean language here in phillipines..?im 15 years old.. im a girl…from pampanga,phillipines….give me some more advice..please or teach me..on my account…please teach me..just message me,like korean language with meaning anglish..thanks very much..

  272. marife_rota

    gud evnin im marife rota from i want to learn on korean languae and how to pronounce it can you help me please

  273. kamal

    HI SIR/Madam,
    I’M kamal, i’m a boy 33 years old from Sri lanka. i want to learn korean languages because this languages looks also so difficult and i want read and write speak so plz help me

  274. kamal

    HI SIR/Madam,
    I’M kamal, i’m a boy 33 years old from Sri lanka. i want to learn korean languages because this janguages looks also so difficult and i want read and write speak so plz help me.


    HI SIR,
    I’M SANTALAL GHISING i’m a boy 33 years old from nepal. i want to learn korean languages because this janguages looks also so difficult and i want read and write speak so plz help me.

  276. Charlotte Ooi

    pls contact me fast, thank you so much:)

  277. Charlotte Ooi

    I desperately need to learn Korean Language, If anyone or anything could help me, pls reply as soon as possible…thx

  278. Haymarnoo

    Hello! I’m Haymarnoo. I am in Myanmar . I am learning Korean Language and I just
    finished Basic 1. But, I really need more exercise and more practice to be the best. And I need more vocabulary . Moreover, the important things that I need are Essay or story in order to read at my free times. So, if you ………………….Plz.

  279. gail pantaleon

    anyong haseyo
    Can you teach me how to speak in korean?

  280. NQa

    I am Malaysian.
    I really want to learn about spell,read and write in Korean language.
    Can you teach me?
    please help me..
    taedanhi kamsahamnida 🙂

  281. qila

    i’m qila from malaysia…i love korean so much….so i wnt to learn korean language…now i just know the basic one…i hope u cn post many video to help me improve my korean language~
    thank you…

  282. aabha

    hi aabha from nepal want’s to learn korean can anyone help me ??????????

  283. chan joo lee

    my e-email is
    Any time send me e-mail. ^^

  284. chan joo lee

    hi, everyone~^^
    I’m chan joo lee. If u want to learn korean, than send me e-mail.
    I’m traveling round the world. but i have a poor english. so i need a friend for use english.
    anyway i’m ready for teach korean.

    • Anna

      안녕 하세요 이찬주! 한국어 배우고싶어요!

      • chan joo lee

        와우~ 잘 하시는데요~
        혹시 스카이프 아시나요?

        wow~ good ^ ^ send me e-mail. and do u have a skype or facebook ID?
        if u want, find me skype : ‘che4366’ / facebook ‘’~

      • ghulam mustafa

        i am from pakistan and i would like to visit south korea so i now a days i am learning korean language from a tutor .so i need a tru fellow who can help me to learn and practice for korean language.i am great full to his / her.thanks

    • nadia

      i want to know what is the meaning of jen’taime becoz someone sent it to me tq

    • kiky

      hello..i’m kiky from indonesia.. i really” love korean culture..may be we can share each other..nice to know u 🙂

    • chubby

      hi lee …..
      my name is chubby
      can you teach me korean language? I already start it but still doesn’t work well.
      I want to learn korean especially in speaking. thank you

  285. analiza

    hi analiza from philippines i want to learnd about korean speak………and language pls????????????

  286. mait

    i wany learn langue korea

  287. nharey

    i’m audrey, from phil.
    i really want to know how to speak korean language and how to write it…
    is there an easy way to know them all? ;(

  288. Ginika Nwafor-Orizu

    I am a 2011 Korean Cpi participant , l have never hard anything abouk Korean language until l came to Korea, the alphabet and pronouciation is strange to me. Please tell me the websites and the best ways l can really master the writing, pronouciation, speaking and the meanings before l travel back to Nigeria in December,2011.
    Thank you for understanding and helping me to make my dream to speak Korea a reality soon.

  289. ZAVEL

    hello im really interested to speak korean!!can you teach me how to speak korean!

    • chan joo lee

      hi~ i’m chan joo lee. i’m korean. where r u from? If u want to learn korean than send me e-mail anytime.

      • Han Yoomi

        what is your email? i wanna to learn korean..

      • ghulam mustafa

        hi lee this is Ghulam Mustafa from pakistan .now a day i m learning korean from a teacher can you help me to understand the language.i hv completed your country language Vowel and consonent.which ar 24 i hv also made a language chart.can u help me further.i am greatful to you

      • hang thapa


        i m sujan from nepal. i want to learn about how to speak and write korean languages…

  290. mj

    i like to learn korean iam a filipino could you help me learn korean language

  291. sam

    hello 2 all…………………

  292. riza gocotano

    i want to know were is the korean
    school here in philippines near makati
    , i want to study coz i want to study korean language.



    .. hi .! im from philippines ..

    i can read korean words but i dont know what was dat so i want 2 learn korean language .. coz korean stars admired me lot ..

    i hope i will learn a lot on this site .. thanks ..

  294. kimberly mae

    i judt wondering if you can teach me in korean
    because i jusr love korean…
    hope you van teach me..
    thank you

  295. Kim Pyo-Ssi(Marc)

    Annyeong ! Micheal , thanks for your blog , it helps !
    I was wondering , I already learned the Korean Alphabet and Im a bit familiar with them now , do you have any suggestions on what should I study next ?
    I really wanted to learn Korean. thnx 🙂

    • Michael

      Hi. Thanks for the compliment on the blog.
      Well, it sounds like it’s time to start learning some basic Korean phrases.
      I’ll post some more on the site soon.
      I’m making some easier videos now.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  296. gemalle


  297. wahida

    i’m wahida i’m a girl aged 15 years old from tunisia
    i want to learn korean be cause this language looks so difficult so please help to learn it

  298. madhusudhana

    hello SIR/MADAM.
    ia m madhusudhana from india i want to read and write and speak korean so pls help me

    and also i can speak korean language few(little)
    thanking you sir/madam

  299. sandara park

    안녕하세요! 내 이름은 sandara 공원입니다! 그리고 난 다시 한국어 가르쳐 주길 바래! 난 did’nt 다른 한국 아니까.

    • gemalle


    • chietaxx

      annyeong sandara….chonoun chiera from phil………..dangseo korean language….. dangsin-i hangug-eo alpabes-eul baeul jul ……. PLS leul … nan geunyang … baeul su , naneun pyeonji ege hangug-eo PLS PO leul jagseong …

  300. angelieann

    hi l’m angelie l want to learn about how to write and speak korean

  301. melona boniel

    hi9,,, im melona boniel, and i want to learn how to speak korean.. pls send to my email.. thank u

  302. sophie

    hi .. i want to learn how to write korean .

  303. Nicole

    Hi! I m from Philippines,I want to learn Korean language in speaking Tagalog
    I want to learn Korean word,letters,numbers and how to write it.

    • Michael


      Check out the easier posts that I uploaded recently.
      I think that’ll clarify most of the basics for you.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  304. thriezha joyce santos

    elow,im thriezha iam a pilipino that want to study in south korea

  305. yoon hee a

    what the mean of juseyeo hadudyeo please give me answer it..

    • Michael


      You are asking about those two expressions, right?

      “주세요” basically means “please.” It is a way of asking someone to do something for you.
      So if you say, “해주세요 (hae-joo-say-yo),” that means “Please do this.”

      “해도 돼요 (hae-doe-dway-yo)” means “It’s OK to do that.”
      So “(너) 그랳게 해도 돼” means “It’s all right with me if you do that.”

      Thanks for visiting!

  306. Renu

    hi! im renu from nepal i want to now basic korean language so i can undersatand it.

    • Michael


      Check out the post called “The Korean Alphabet.” I think that’ll help you out a lot.

      Thanks for visiting the site.

    • kailash

      do it well renu its really interesting

  307. Han Eun-Yoo (Vivian)

    Hi All,
    I’m Vivian San from Indonesia.. I’m 11 years old.. when I was 13 I want to have an education in Korea.. I must learn to spell,read,write,etc. So I please if you can give me some lesson that can make me speak better at Korea..


    • Michael

      Hi, Vivian.

      I uploaded a video on the Korean alphabet. Why don’t you take a look at that and try to learn the letters first.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Thanks for stopping by the site!

    • eyl

      hi ` i want study in korean word . who want to teach me the korean word?

  308. krishna

    hi! i want to learn korean language i just want to request if ever i am accepted to learn by internet/emails? just send me the lessons? i’m from philippines….thanks..:)

    • Michael

      Hi. Nice meeting you : )

      My plan is to post the materials on the site anyway. So you can just review them here whenever you want.

      Thanks for stopping by!


    • yoona kim

      hang gumal mateo toshu yomi
      heang seo

      • eyl

        hello ? im eyl im a pilipino . i want to learn a korean language . can you teach me how to use the korean language ?

        • rezel

          hi… rezel .from philippinesim 17 yrs old..i want to learn korean language. .could you help me?

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