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“No-smoking” in Korean!

Posted by on February 23, 2019

The word for “smoke” in Korean is 연기. The first syllable also makes an appearance in the related words 흡연자 (smoker) and 흡연하다 (the more official way of saying “to smoke,” as opposed to the more casual 피우다). The Sino-Korean word for “forbid” is 금지하다. When you combine the syllables for “forbid” and “smoke” you get the word 금연 (no smoking) as seen in the above sign. In sentence form, you will often hear Koreans say, 여기는 금연이에요 (This area is non-smoking). Or for more advanced learners: 최근에 법이 바뀌어서 이제 한국에 있는 모든 바닷가는 금연 구역이 됐어요 (The laws changed recently and now all of the beaches in Korea are no-smoking). The sentence at the bottom of the pole says that if people do smoke, they will be subject to a fine of 50,000 won.  #korea#korean#learnkorean#hangul#learnhangul#tourkorea#koreatrip#gangneung#learnkoreanlanguage#koreanlanguage#

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