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Korean Vacation Part 2: Gangnam!

Posted by on July 13, 2014

여행: vacation
대충대충: halfheartedly
강: river
남(쪽): south
하천, 도랑: stream, creek
북쪽: north
동쪽: east
서쪽: west

군중: a crowd
붐벼요: It’s crowded.
빵: bread
빵집: bakery
학원: a private institute

교통 신호: a traffic signal
축구: soccer (football)
응원해요: I’m cheering (for my team)
친구: friend
친구랑 산책해요: I’m taking a walk with my friend.
약: medicine
약국: a pharmacy
식당: a restaurant
사주: astrology, horoscope
궁합: astrological compatibility

버스를 기다리고 있어요: I am / we are / they are waiting for the bus.
골목: an alley
좁은 골목: a narrow alley
금연: no smoking
위반하다: a transgression / to commit an offense
벌금: a fine
부과되다: to be levied

건축: architecture
건물: a building
독특해요: singular, interesting
폭포: a waterfall
~문고: bookstore (only used in proper names of bookstores)
서점: a bookstore
책방: a bookstore
책: a book

놀아요: I’m out (partying, drinking)
놀러 가요: I’m heading out (to drink, club etc)
담배: cigarette
관심사: interests

4 Responses to Korean Vacation Part 2: Gangnam!

  1. clarissa nanola

    gusto ko po matutu mag tagalog

  2. Abrar

    Nice for learning

  3. Bishnu Bhandari

    It’s helpfull to improving korean word meaning.

  4. Ro

    Wow, that place is goonjung! Yea, I know it’s a noun. So what’s the adjective form? Thanks for another great vid!

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