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Korean Vacation Part 1!

Posted by on June 30, 2014

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Hi, everyone! I’m finally back!

I’m kicking off a new series called “Korean Vacation,” in which we’ll explore cool places in Korea and learn easy Korean phrases along the way. I’m going to be posting new videos every 10 days from now on, so check back often.

In the premiere episode, we check out a beautiful stream that runs through the heart of Seoul called, Cheonggyecheon (청계천).


Here’s the vocab we covered in this episode.

시위: demonstration
광장: a public square
폭포: waterfall
동전: coin
물: water
물 주세요: Please give me some water.
돌: stone
다리: bridge
다리 건넜어요: I crossed the bridge
친구: friend
산책하다: to take a walk
경찰: police
횡단보도: crosswalk
입구: entrance
출구: exit
화장실: restroom
계단: stairs
쓰레기: trash
쓰레기통: a trashcan
재활용: recycling
물놀이: playing in the water
쉬고 있어요: I’m relaxing
야생동물: wildlife
사진: picture
사진 봐요: I’m looking at the pictures
사진 찍다: to take a picture
벽: wall
학: crane
식물: plant
물고기: fish
풀: grass
나무: tree
하천, 개울, 도랑: brook, creek, stream
일석이조: Killing two birds with one stone
사물놀이: a kind of traditional Korean music performed with four percussion instruments


4 Responses to Korean Vacation Part 1!

  1. Hannah J

    This is very helping. Thanks!

  2. 찰로

    Cool,.please post more

  3. Ro

    So glad you started posting again.

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