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Korean Hat Slang!

Posted by on September 16, 2012

If you’re living in Korea, you’ve probably noticed the hats with clever bits of Korean written on them that started showing up in the major party districts about two years ago.  Since it’s never a good idea to wear a hat emblazoned with a phrase you can’t understand, I thought I’d take this opportunity to translate the witticisms found on this headwear.  All of the phrases here are in common usage and important to know.Row 1

  • 달인: Master (as in “master of a certain field” etc.  Similar to hats that say, “Boss” or “Ace” etc.)
  • 내일 입대: I enlist tomorrow (Means — jokingly — that the wearer is joining the army tomorrow.)
  • 오늘 생일: Today’s my birthday (This would probably be written, “Birthday Boy,” on similar hats in the US)
  • 곧미남: Future hottie.  Lit. “Soon-to-be beautiful man.”  This phrase is likely a play on the phrase in row 3, “꽃미남,” which is similar to “pretty boy.”
  • 싸가지: Bitch or jerk, depending on the gender of the wearer.


Row 2

  • 서민: Common folk (“Everyday guy” would probably also work.)
  • 품절남: A taken man (Lit. “sold-out man.”  Read: a guy that’s married or in a serious relationship.  Similar to “I’m called for.” etc.)
  • 품절녀: A taken woman
  • 꽃미녀: Beauty (Lit. a flower-like beauty)
  • 지존: Tops (as in the best or greatest)


Row 3

  • 숫총각: Virgin
  • 꽃미남: Pretty boy (Lit. flower-like male beauty)


3 Responses to Korean Hat Slang!

  1. Gabby

    Where can I actually get one?

    • Michael

      The street vendors sell them all around the Hongdae area. 🙂

  2. 음퍼

    Can’t wait to buy 품절녀 & 품절남 for my parents 😀
    And when they get old I’ll buy them 곧미남 & 꽃미녀
    for their anniversary. I think it’ll be cute (n_n)

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