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It’s useless!

Posted by on August 14, 2012

-어/아 보았자(봤자): Even if you _____ it’s not going to _____ / It’s no use to ____

This is the perfect pattern to use when you want to tell someone that the suggested course of action is unlikely to yield any positive results and they’d be better off not doing it at all. It suggests that a certain action would be in vain.

어떤 행동을 시도해본다는 뜻을 지닌 ‘어/아 보다’에 ‘-자’가 결합된 형태입니다. 앞에 나오는 어떤 행동을 해본다고 해도 결과가 기대한 대로 나오지 않을 거라는 의미를 나타냅니다.

Dialogue 1

  • A: 여보, 경수가 요즘 숙제도 안 하고 매일 비디오 게임만 해요.
  • B: 뭐라고 좀 혼내요.
  • A: 내가 말해 봤자 소용도 없어요. 당신이 한마디 해줘요.
  • A: Sweetie, Gyeongsu hasn’t been doing his homework recently and just plays video games all the time.
  • B: Well, you’d better give him a talking-to.
  • A: Me saying something won’t make any difference. Please just talk to him a bit.
Dialogue 2
  • A: 진수가 오늘 모임에는 나온다고 했는데 왜 여태 안 오지? 전화도 안 받고.
  • B: 기다려봤자 안 올 거예요. 온다고 하고 안 나온 게 어디 한두 번이에요?
  • A: Jinsu said he would be at the meeting today. Why isn’t he here yet? And he’s not answering the phone either.
  • B: Waiting is no use. He’s not going to show up. It’s not like this is the first time he’s pulled this.
Dialogue 3
  • A: 김대리가 자꾸 뒤에서 내 험담을 하고 다니는 것 같아. 아무래도 가만히 두면 안 되겠어. 오늘은 좀 따져 봐야지.
  • B: 그냥 둬. 그 사람 상대해 봤자 자네만 손해야. 또 어떤 말을 꾸며댈지 몰라.
  • A: I think Mr. Kim is talking trash about me behind my back. I don’t think I can just let this one slide. Today’s the day for us to have a little talk.
  • B: Just leave it alone. You stand nothing to gain from dealing with that guy. And you never know what other ridiculous stories he might end up telling about you.

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