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Simple Prepositions and Position Words

Posted by on January 19, 2012

Podcast 7: Simple Position Words in Korean

This is going to be another basic-level post, so sorry in advance to all you Korean champs out there.

Today we are going to take a look at how to express concepts like “above,” “below,” “next to,” “in front of” etc. in Korean.  Make sure you check out the video and the podcast for pronunciation help.

In the structure of Korean language, first comes the position indicator, such as “위,” “아래,” “옆” etc.  Then comes the “에” particle that denotes a location. And finally, the verb for “to exist” or “to be,” “있다.”  An example of a finished sentence is “책상 위에 있다,” which could be translated as “It’s on top of the desk.”  Now let’s take a look at the different position words.

It’s easier to go ahead and learn these with the “에” particle already affixed, so that’s how we’re gonna do it.

위에: on, above, on top of
아래: below
밑에: below
옆에: next to
앞에: in front of
뒤에: behind
오른쬭에: to the right of
왼쪽에: to the left of

And now for some example sentences.

내 지갑이 어디에 있어요? Where’s my wallet?
책상위에 있어요. It’s on top of the desk.
식당이 어디예요? Where’s the restaurant?
그 가게 바로 옆에 있어요. It’s right next to that store.

산위에 구름이 있어요. There are clouds above the mountains.
다리아래에 강이 있어요. The river is below the bridge.
책 밑에 연필이 있어요There’s a pencil underneath the book.
책상 바로 옆에 의자가 있어요.There’s a chair right next to the desk.
전화기 앞에 메모지가 있어요.There’s a memo pad right next to the phone.
내뒤에 친구가 있어요. My friend is behind me.
오른쪽에 건물이 있어요. There’s a building on my right.
왼쪽에 가로등이 있어요. There’s a streetlight to my left.

7 Responses to Simple Prepositions and Position Words

  1. ahngelay

    I also want to know korean language.

  2. ian

    Ok Sherly Delena i would love it if you could see this message but after all it may come in handy to others, your motive to learn Korean is quite nice (I just do it because I like webtoons) I have been learning korean for two months yet I can read and understand what is written above, so I would like to share with you two great free resources I have found to learn Korean
    for learning hangul (korean alphabet) i used they are fun and easy lessons plus soul national university webpage, in both of them you can find some lessons to get you started they are cool, they explain the grammar really well actually I’m not even a natural English speaker so they ought to be good .
    Then you also have sogan university webpage there you have more lessons they move quickly but their lessons are good too.
    If that was not enough you can download for free some books from here the page is in Spanish but some of the books if not all of them are in english
    well that’s all hope it helps

  3. elspeth

    Hello ^^ i am 20 and i have learn Korean language for 2 year but i still not in “On Korean level” yet.. I have problem to try understand it basic grammar such word order, how to use common participle, subject omission and action verb and adjectival verb in korean. Can you suggest me something or anything that related..? Thanks^^

  4. Ra-im

    Hello I am 23 and as a biginner I would like to say thank you for the help,carry on with the great lessons.

  5. yasir amanat

    please send me a basic ,like korean alphabet ,,and how to easy way by learning korean,please help me in this regard.

  6. paul

    trust me, it is hard, and I am a Korean. You need LOTS of practice, I still need help myself.

  7. sherly delena

    um… im 14 and i don’t know how to read hangul or any writing without using alphabet letters, i dont know how to pronounce words if not presented and im a bit slow at learning new stuff. Is this a good site for me or the right one that can help me? the reason i want to learn is that i want to learn a new language and then visit that country, and i want to prove my mom wrong that korea isn’t just a place and that me learning korean now isn’s going to be a waste, i want her to be proud of me. Please help. and also i’m trying to learn for free…..does that work….

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