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You’re pretty good at Korean for a ______ (치고는)

Posted by on November 30, 2011

Podcast 5: You’re pretty ~ for a ~ (~치고는) (Medium)

For a ~ (~치고는)

If your looking to lay a compliment on your counterpart but are one of those people who thinks that outright praise must always be garnished with a dash of condescension, this is the perfect phrase for you!

외국인치고는 한국어 잘하네요.
He’s really good at Korean for a foreigner.

서울 처음 온 사람치고는 지리 잘 아네요.
You really seem to know the lay of the land for a first time visitor to Seoul.

여름 날씨치고는 조금 시원하네요.
It’s a little chilly for summer weather.

애플 제품치고는 가격이 싼 것 같아요.
That product is fairly low priced for Apple

중학생치고는 키가 큰 편이네요.
He’s pretty tall for a middle schooler.

Mid Level

서울 중심가에 있는 집치고는 집세도 저렴하고 조용한 편이에요.
For a house right in the heart of Seoul, this place has low rent and is on the quiet side too.

이탈리아산 자동차치고는 외관이 세련되지 않은 편이네요.
For an Italian car, the exterior doesn’t seem very refined.

그 작곡가가 만든 음악치고는 경쾌한 느낌을 주네요.
For one of his compositions, it actually gives off a rather light feel.



(그는) 재판에 처음 나선 변호사치고는 재판이 진행되는 내내 차분하고 능란하게 변호를 잘했다.
For a lawyer making his first appearance in court, he was markedly eloquent and composed throughout all the proceedings.

그의 작품은 전직 가수였던 사람이 쓴 소설치고는 문학성이 뛰어난 것으로 평가받고 있어요.
His works were appraised has having a remarkable literary value for works written by a former singer.

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    As someone who has been studying Korean for a long time, it is fantastic to come across this resource. I stumbled upon your site trying to understand this grammar (there is so little information on the internet for the more obscure grammar) and I am so glad I did.

    I’m currently studying for the advanced TOPIK (I recently got level 4 – yay!) and I really hope this site will come in useful.

    Many thanks for this great site!

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    thanks, it’s very important knowledge
    to me

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