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해도 돼요? (Is it OK with you if I ~ ?)

Posted by on November 28, 2011

Podcast 4: Is it OK with you if I ~ ? (Easy)

Today’s lesson is a basic phrase that is useful in a lot of situations.

I suppose the most literal translation of the phrase “해도 돼요?” would be “Is it all right if I ____  ?”.   It’s the perfect form to use when you want to ask someone if they’d mind you sitting down next them or borrowing their cell phone or whatever.

Is it all right if I sit here?
여기 앉아도 돼요?

Do you mind if I eat this?
이거 먹어도 돼요?

Would it be all right if I borrowed some money?
돈 좀 빌려도 돼요?
Note: “좀” or “조금” softens the phrase, making it sound more polite.

Would you mind if I went ahead and ate?
먼저 먹어도 돼요?

Would it be all right if I used this?
이거 써도 돼요?

As for the answers, when you approve, you can just use the exact same phrase back at the person.

Yes, you can use that.
네, 써도 돼요.

When you disapprove, switch the phrase to ” ____ 하면 안 돼요.”

No, it’s not all right for you to borrow my phone.
아니요, (내 휴대폰) 쓰면 안 돼요.

No, you can’t sit down there.
아니요, 거기 앉으면 안 돼요.

No, you shouldn’t just go ahead and eat.
아니요, 먼저 먹으면 안 돼요.

15 Responses to 해도 돼요? (Is it OK with you if I ~ ?)

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  2. randy freolo

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  3. mae dee

    I love this site..very useful.
    you’re awesome guys!

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  5. Calm

    Ah i like this website. It is really handy to have all these grammars, and explained well too! Great for a learner like me.

  6. Krishna Kumar Lama

    Hello Sir,
    I am Krishna Kumar Lama from Nepal. I have been working in Korea since May 16, 2011. I studied korean language in Nepal for a long time but didn’t get any improvement. At the very begeining of my arrival, I got so many problems because of limited knowledge but I always wished to speak in korean language fluently like you. I went through diffrent korean learning sites in the hope of getting better and affective lesson plans almost every evening. Eventully, I found it and enjoyed your videos today. It is very supportive for me. I will keep practicing on it.
    You are doing a great job and helping to the peoples. Thank you very much through the bottom of my heart. Ghamsahamnidha.

  7. mimi

    you know i am really interested in koreans, and i wish i could also speak just like how they speak, thanks for this program! <3

  8. chaazzeee

    Thank you so much for this kind of progrAM,,,YOU guys helping me a lot…more power to this program

  9. Dinh Quy Ly

    I ‘m very satisfied with your program! I hope that i can speak Korean fluently in near future through your lessons. Thank you very much-Gamsa hamnida!

  10. Bun chan visal

    I really like this program and I hope this website will help all student improves there acknowledge better.

  11. Muhammad Afzal

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    This website is good. It can improve my korean language. Even though I still cant listening, and speaking korean well, because of i have a short memory. Thanks!

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