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Easily Confused Place Names

Posted by on July 10, 2011

There’s a limited amount of pronunciation information I can provide in text format, but here’s a little.

If you’re already in an advanced class, you probably aren’t still having much trouble with this, but in this lecture we discuss some difficult pronunciations in Korean.

One of the hardest for beginners is differentiating the vowel sounds of the words “신천” and “신촌.” Just remember that the second syllable of  “Shincheon” (신천) should rhyme with the English word “bun.”  The final syllable of the word Shinchon, however, could be transliterated as “chone,” and should rhyme with the word “loan.”

Two anomalies of pronunciation are the stations 학여율 (Line 3) and 선릉 (Line 2), which should technically be pronounced differently than most Koreans actually pronounce them.  To be more precise, according the official rules of Korean pronunciation, the names should be pronounced “Hangyeoul” and “Seolleung” but alas, saying it that way will only get you a perplexed look.  Most Koreans pronounced the  stations “Ha-gyaw-ool” and “Sun-neung,” in spite of the rules of proper pronunciation.

For detailed explanations of the rest of these tricky pronunciations, please watch the video : )

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  1. paul

    me ether

  2. Khairen

    i dont know how to read the korean writting 🙁

    • xin yi

      i dont know how to read the korean writting 🙁

      please teach me


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